Synchronize Outlook with Linked In

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In a previous post, I wrote about the Jobs insider toolbar within linked In, and how this makes posting in to groups and updating simple. It is a great job seeker app that sits discretely on the toolbar.

I have now downloaded and tested the Linked In outlook toolbar which connects your e-mail with your linked-in network. This one is another really useful tool to have. It has been around for a few years in various forms but is only just now picking up traction. I know that older versions were a bit cumbersome, but the latest release is simple to install and use.

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Once you have the toolbar in place, you can access any part of the platform without having to log in, as well as being able to post or share content where you want.

The outlook toolbar means you get to see the mini-profile of anyone who sends you an e-mail, so you can quickly research the source or see how you are connected. The “grab” function lets you  drag and drop  contact details from Linked In to Outlook effortlessly. A big time saver for building contact lists.

You can also send out an invite to connect if you are not already connected, helping to build your network with people you communicate with outside of Linked In.

The dashboard even manages your mail with reminders of follow-up actions you havent done and suggests people you haven’t mailed for a while that you might want to get in touch with again. As a mail management system it’s very effective, and I have found the connection between linked In and Outlook to be very useful and it is easy to use with a great lay-out.

While your checking out the outlook toolbar, you should also look at the Linked In browser toolbar and e-mail signature. Both useful downloads.

What linked In tools or apps do you find most useful?



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2 comments on “Synchronize Outlook with Linked In

  1. Whilst I found the Outlook Toolbar extremely useful it also seem to have 2 downfalls.

    1. My Outlook kept on crashing and “Not Responding” which we later found out was due to the Toolbar interfering with the services on my PC everytime it did a sweep

    2. When it sweeps through your LinkedIn contacts to add them to your Outlook Contacts it tells LinkedIn that you viewing each connection seperately which goes against your page views. I hadn’t done it for some time and when I added 996 new contacts I was then barred by LinkedIn for excessive page views saying I must have used “3rd party software to extract information from LinkedIn”… I was using their own product!!

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