Linked In BS: Is your profile full of it?

I got a post in my reader today from the Linked In blog today that I thought was worth sharing. The linked In analytics team have been scanning profiles to find the most over used phrases.
the list made me chuckle. Not least because I took a quick check of a number of Linked In “experts” profiles (no names) and they were littered with them.
these phrases are meaningless for 3 key reasons:

1: They have no real meaning
2: They are B.S. Nobody puts on their profile that “I’m quite lazy, unmotivated and don’t play nicely in the team!” The only way you could really differentiate yourself by using such clichés is if no one else was using them.
3: These terms have no keyword search value. No one searches for a well motivated team player. Why not use words people actually search for. You can find these by checking google ad words and search terms.

The top 10 list for overused terms from the US according to the post are:

Photo Creds: linked In

The most (over) used term for the UK is motivated.

What meaningless terms do you think are a waste of profile space?

Be ambassadors for simple, searchable phrases,



Linked In Blog

Google Keyword/Phrase Tools

5 comments on “Linked In BS: Is your profile full of it?

  1. Great post Bill. You prompted me to take a looksee at my own profile on LinkedIn. And the short term relief of a bullshit free zone was quickly overtaken by the horror of other much more serious stuff. Waffle and historic waffle at that. I need to get my head round LinkedIn and do a major tidy up – thanks for the tipoff 🙂

  2. I’m just thinking why are those keywords excesively used.
    Could it be perhaps because they’re the ones recruiters most use when writing position’s descriptions?

    I’d say that during the last month I’ve been job hunting at least 4 out of those 10 keywords appear in practically every manager-directive level published ads.

    Invariably 1, 4, 6, 7, 9 are always there, if it’s what HR persons ask, that’s what they get.

    Now I’ll go to check my own LI profile hmmm…! :oD

  3. Delfin makes a really valid point – job specs/ads out there are often littered with pointless buzzwords. I’m looking at one now where the person spec has a whole raft of them.

    The message of the piece definitely remains though – that they are utterly pointless, over-used and frankly meaningless. Why write the same on your profile, or your CV, that everyone else does??!! – you have to stand out as unique and tangible and these words just get in the way of good content.

  4. P.S. I checked my profile too, and pleased to practice what I preach – not a buzzword in sight!! 🙂

  5. I need to check over my profile as well! Someone on Twitter said they would love to see the same post but with CVs.

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