11 Year Old Hijacking

Hi, I’m Frank Boorman, Bill Boorman’s 11 year old son (But you probably know that) and dad is away in london so I’m hijacking his blog and telling you about Club Penguin. It has around 90 million users (Yes, 90 million!) making it one of the biggest social networks  in the world. And now, I’m going to impress you with some fancy-pants screengrabs! Ooooh!

So I've opened the game and this is what it should be like.

I've logged in and now I'm given the choice of tons of servers. I've scrolled down and picked my favorite ghost town server, Sabertooth.

So here I am in the town, the center of all activity in Club Penguin. If you look in the corner you can see some guy playing hide and seek with his friends!

Suspicous, no? And I don't like the look of that tree with a face!

Oh boy, I feel like I'm being watched. What is this, 1984?

Ah, my precious spy phone.

Reporting for duty!

An agent at work. Nothing to see here!

There's plenty to do here in Club Penguin! I always did enjoy hit and runs...

My snazzy igloo, complete with a holding cell, dragon, and angry black puffle.

My puffle Bob shows us his skills.

Here's my playercard.

Me playing Cart Surfer, a game where you have to guide your penguin through a mine tunnel doing tricks while avoiding crashing.

Wipeout! That's gotta hurt.


This is my stampbook, used to record my stamps which are earned by doing something such as going sled racing. The ones on the front are extremely hard to get.

And so ends my journey through Club Penguin.

And these are just some of the features, you can send postcards, make friends, decorate your igloo, and lots more that I can’t fit into one post!


3 comments on “11 Year Old Hijacking

  1. Great article, Frank. You might want to tell your Dad that he should hand over his blog to you. There’s no doubt that your entries are more informative and enjoyable to read than your Dad’s.

    I have three kids. The youngest is a girl who is your age. She was a huge Club Penguin fan but most of her friends are now on Facebook.

  2. happy christmas. always follows to you

  3. I’m so impressed with Disney on this one. What a great way to get kids into their products. Its an epidemic. You can’t move in toy shops for the Club Penguin bits and bobs. Massive money is social platforms, even if they are just based around a bunch of penguins.

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