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For Hire From The Network

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Just recently I’ve heard from a number of contacts in and around the recruitment space that have just come on to the job market. They are all UK-based in and around London. I would ask readers to share this post among their networks even if you can’t help. It is the click of a mouse but could reach the destination that has the right opportunity available.

Mevyn Dinnen

I have known Mervyn for about 20 years. We worked together about 20 years ago for a year. He was a good recruiter then and is an even better one now. He combines 20+ years recruiting experience across a number of professional sectors with a good knowledge of social networking and blogging in particular, being author of the popular blog “T-Recs.”

For the last 4.5 years Mervyn has been running an interim and perm HR desk for Courtenay HR. Prior to this, his background has seen him recruiting recruiters and in the professional sectors. He is passionate about building candidate and client networks (he has led tracks on this at #tru events), as well as real candidate and client care.

With this level of experience combined with his understanding of social networking he has to be worth talking to. Mervyn is seeking a role either interim, perm,R.P.O, in-house or agency. Look him up and have a chat, he is easy to find!

Mervyn On Linked In

Mervyn’s Blog: T-Recs

Mervyn On Twitter

Louise Curtis

Louise is another of the Courtenay HR team. She has 10+ years recruiting experience both agency and in-house sourcing. Louise has been at Courtenay for the last 4 years with a specific focus on recruiting for senior HR roles, sourcing using traditional methods and social networks. She has a good record of winning retained assignments, demonstrating that she operates comfortably at a senior level.

Prior to joining Courtenay, she worked for boutique search consultancy Ashley Coutts conducting retained searches in Business Intelligence, Business Process Management and C.R.M. Louise was with Ashley Coutts for 2.5 years. This followed  3 years as a senior recruiter in-house with Accenture and Crystal decisions.

Having met Louise recently, she is sharp and sassy, an athlete that runs marathons and works just as hard.

Louise is now looking to return to an in-house role where she brings great expertise. if your even thinking about developing an in-house direct sourcing capability, look her up!

Louise On Linked In

Louises Blog

Louise On Twitter

Chris Smith

Chris has most recently been employed as the on-line marketing/sales manager for Check4jobs, a role he has held since May. prior to this, chris worked in on-line sales and business development for the B2B division of Experian, developing a data mining web tool. Chris gained great experience over 2 years of product launch, integration and sales in the business information space.

He is young and ambitious, and his colleagues describe him as hard-working. If you are expanding in on-line/off-line sales in the recruiting sector, look Chris up.

Chris Smith On Linked In

Chris Smith On Twitter

Callum Saunders

Callum’s summary on his LinkedIn profile does him far more justice than my words ever could. this is Callum in his own words:

‘A Jack of all trades’ typically infers that the beholder of this title is a master of none. I beg to differ.

I am a creative in-house marketing professional with solid experience in social media. I have also been writing professionally for over 10 years. My work at the Stopgap Group comprises a variety of disciplines, from digital marketing, e-campaigns, display and Social Media, to copywriting, art direction, planning, marketing strategy, web analytics, SEO, mobile marketing and print advertising, as well as people management.

I am also an experienced copywriter with over 10 years’ worth of writing experience. Whilst I specialise in SEO (search engine optimisation) and writing copy for digital and online channels, I am also adept at creating a unique tone of voice for brands. I’m proficient in writing marketing collateral, equally comfortable writing for B2B or B2C audiences and also have a background in journalism and feature writing.

The combination of copywriting, creative work and hands-on digital marketing has allowed me to gain credible experience and a holistic view of the marketing sector.

Callum has been with Stopgap for the last 2.5 years, during which time he has progressed through the ranks to his current post of Digital Marketing Manager. prior to this Callum had a 5 year career in copy writing, digital strategy and S.E.O.

Callum is one of the good guys and is looking to progress, having developed his role as far as he can with Stopgap. (he is still working for them but is open in his job search.)

Callum on Linked In

Callum’s Blog

Callum On Twitter

I’m not a recruiter anymore, but if I was, I’d love to have these candidates on my books, they are very employable. Please look at their details, share them and contact them directly if you want a conversation.

I’m happy to feature any other job seekers on this blog if you think it might help. Keep being ambassadors,


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