The Twitter Assassins

Couldn't resist it!

My hope for the New year is that people learn to play nicely in the sand pit. for the most part, I love spending time in the twitter channel, more so than any of the other channels.

In twitter I do most of my business introductions, learning, social chat, mutual helping and sharing and make purely social connections. The only thing that spoils the channel from time to time is the twitter assassins.

The twitter assassins tend to hang about in the wings and not really tweet very much. They don’t get involved in active conversations, choosing usually to talk to a fairly small group of connections. they pick up on tweets and leap in to action, firing out disagreement or ridicule on points made, then they return to the shadows.
They don’t add much to discussion or counter argument. Twitter disagreements where people share links and challenge thinking, presenting alternative viewpoints are some of the best times on twitter. Thats where I do some of my best learning, have my view-point changed or opinions reinforced. it is a big part of what twitter is for. Everyone has the floor to speak.
What I would ask of the assassins is if your going to challenge a point, hang around and continue the discussion. Show links to other data rather than saying “This is rubbish.” understand that sarcasm rarely translates well in 140 characters. Think about the public damage you could do to others, or how unwelcoming you might look to others new to the channel.

There are no real rules for twitter. It would be very dull without disagreement and discussion. It is a free environment where people can tweet what they like and how they like, all I’d ask is play nicely!

Have a great holiday! What do you think?

2 comments on “The Twitter Assassins

  1. I think “this is rubbish”! Only kidding couldn’t agree more, have a great Xmas Bill and looking forward to having an overdue beer in the new year


    • Thanks Matt,

      Looking forward to that beer in the New Year. have a great christmas (though the pogues video suggests you already are!), and you know whats happening in Feb if you are free again. SMART first in Jan though!

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