WordPress TV and #WordPress 3

One to watch

WordPress is the blog platform of choice at the moment, judging by the number of new blogs that choose WordPress over other options or established blogs that have migrated to the platform over the last few months.

I’m sure the other platforms like Blogger have great features too, but for simplicity, WordPress is my number 1.

I started this blog originally 14 months ago to promote the first #trulondon. It was supposed to be a 3 month project, but has taken a life of its own.
what stopped me from blogging in earnest was a fear of all the techy bits. I’m not remotely technical. Codes and programming terrify me, and short of parting with lots of pounds I didn’t see how I would ever be able to get the platform to hold together. WordPress makes my life extra simple.

There are so many free themes to choose from that include SEO and simple editing, look that mean limited design work or SEO. There is pretty much a plug-in for everything you want to do and the back-end for managing everything from design, promotion, sharing through to analytics and archives. If I can work with the platform, anyone can!

As this blog develops, I have been spending more time searching the 1000’s of blogs on WordPress help for answers to specific questions. While hunting around, I found WordPress TV that contains 100’s of “how to” videos for any blogger from novice to veteran. I recommend you check it out if your even thinking of using the platform and get all the help you need in the simple to follow videos, as well as all the sessions from WordCamp, the WordPress gathering.
I will be moving this blog to self-hosted over christmas and switching to WordPress 3. Theres some great features on the new release that allow you to really customise the look and feel of your blog.

Some of the features I really like are that you can customise backgrounds for different types of posts. i think it will work well to have different backgrounds for different categories. For blogs with more than one author you can combine multiple themes. That means each author has their own look behind the main theme (like mini-blogs.)

Photo cred: sixrevisions.com

For this blog, each event will have its own blog hosted behind the home page with its own branding and contributors.
Theres extended video capability, so you can add other channels outside of you tube and greater support for coded widgets from applications outside of the WordPress plug-ins.
The other big features for me are that you can totally customise both your header and menu, and all menus support drop down lists for sub-headings.

Photo creds: Ilovecolours.Com

Take a look at both WordPress TV and WordPress 3, and as readers of this blog, what changes would you like to see? I’m open to suggestions on content, look, navigation, anything you want to share. What do you hate or like most about “The Recruiting Unblog”? I really value your opinions, whatever they might be.

Enjoy the christmas period and keep being ambassadors,


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3 comments on “WordPress TV and #WordPress 3

  1. You’re absolutely right Bill. I’ve setup blogs for some very well known people in the industry, and they love WordPress.
    I explain it like this: posting a new blog article to your WordPress site is as simple as posting a job on a job board. In fact it’s virtually the same process. What’s more, you can do it from not only a web browser but also a smartphone, MS Word, and even by email.
    I’m typing this reply from my iPhone.

  2. Things I would change?
    You asked for it, so don’t complain 😉

    1) I don’t like the topic boxes on the top right. It’s different than the usual menus, but still looks weird.

    2) follow and connect buttons. I would make them smaller so that they’re all visible on the same screen. But keep the “contact me” section as it is. Your picture is recognizable and inviting. I love it.

    3) Tag cloud: I can’t imagine that it’s useful for SEO and find it confusing, especially the red part.

    What you shouldn’t change:
    I absolutely love the structure of your posts with pictures as well as call to action and links at the end. And of course relevant topics with interesting information!

    Can’t wait to see the new version of your blog.

  3. gerçekten çok güzel konu 🙂

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