4 comments on “Where will social media and #socialrecruiting go in 2011?

  1. Great thoughts Bill.

    You have really observed social media trends very well. I think 2010 has just initiated social media for recruitment – if you leave apart LinkedIn. I still yet to see effective ways to search and recruit from Facebook and Twitter; though I hope 2011 will bring them. Mobile will be a next big thing with number of smart phones in the market.

    I’m all excited for next year for great things in sourcing and SM.


  2. Bill – fantastic summary and advice, particularly “being found will be more important than being heard”.

    I think there’s an incongruity in social recruiting. You clearly summarize what job-seekers want while outlining a growing list of tools for recruiters. The more channels employers use, the harder it is for the job-seeker to find the “accurate job matching” information they want from a broad range of employers. This creates “information overload” for even the most savvy job-seekers.

    I’d love to see your 3 key things employers should do to get started in social recruiting and how they give job-seekers the 3 key things they really want.

    Thanks for your thought leadership.

  3. All great points. I love the idea of skype type phone style integration in our social media. Seems like this is the next step. Also, I really believe that twitter and facebook are the goldmine for finding others who are interested in your content. You’re right, I feel, about the future of referrals.

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