Another 100 HR/Recruiting and #SocialRecruiting Blogs

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Earlier this year I published a blog post on 140 HR and Recruiting blogs I read. This has been one of my most revisited posts of all time and still gets regular shares. As it’s Christmas, and there could be some spare reading time coming up, I’ve added another 100 to the list. I’ve also slipped in a few marketing blogs I like that I think fit the theme, and a couple of personal ones. Hope you don’t mind!
If a blog is not listed here it was probably on the last list. You can find the link at the end of the post. This time around I have noticed that I am regularly reading a lot more blogs that could be described as corporate, the majority of the rest may not be by large companies, but they are mostly by consultants that have something to sell. The practitioners in HR and recruiting blogging are increasing and thats great, but I’d still like to read more. (I count Rec to Rec’s as vendors.) This is probably because the recruiters and HR folk are too busy recruiting or HR’ing.

What is notable is that larger companies are recognising that their blog needs to have personality to be read, and on the whole its real employee content rather than PR company generated. This is great news, as big companies and vendors have plenty of expertise and opinion to add.

This is NOT a top 100. It is a list of 100 of the blogs I have looked at more than once over the last month or so (in addition to those on the 140 list.).  so in no particular order, here they are:

Shennee Rutt – Deeply Rutted – I’ve been connected with Shennee for quite a while now, and followed her job search through her blog. I’m now delighted that Shennee is working in HR at Amazon, but has remembered the trials and tribulations of the job search, a recurring theme in her posts.

Jack Barton – Angry Jack – Jack is a good friend and succesful recruiter who has a view on just about everything. A new blog that is well worth watching develop.

Katie Mcnab – Recruit Gal – Katie is the UK Recruitment Manager at PepsiCo and a new blogger. Her posts so far have been well thought out and make good points around recruiting. I’m expecting good things from this blog this year.

Jillian Jackson – 1Jillian4Hire – Jillian is a regular in some of the twitter chats I take part in. This is more of a personal blog that blends in some business thinking. I like the style.

Frog Recruitment – Frog Blog – Frog are an Auckland, NZ based recruiters that have got very social during 2010. They’ve launched a blog, radio show, you tube account and been a regular in the twitter stream. The blog is their story, as well as a good way to keep up with the great work that is going on in NZ.

Leanne Chase – Career Life Connection – Leanne offers something different. she runs a consultancy that helps both employees and employers to implement real flexible work strategies. I don’t know many other people who genuinely do this as their whole focus of activity, as a result, her blog brings something different.

Tweet Reports – Tweet Reports Blog – I really like tweetreports and their range of well priced social media monitoring tools and sentiment analysis. They are quite active on twitter with real-time stats and data, coming up with some stats that are more than just show. The blog talks more of how twitter is developing and gives some very interesting data and explanations.

Peter Hros – HR Beginner – Peter is starting out in HR and looking for his first HR post, having recently qualified. This is a personal blog covering his story, and I’m happy to promote his efforts to move in to the profession. Please share his story.

Lee Cooper – The Recruiters Little Black Book – This blog won the UK recruiters blog of the year written by an active recruiter for 2011, judged by none other than blogging experts Andy Headworth and Peter Gold. That recommendation alone should be enough to get you to have a look.

Mark Babbitt – You Tern – This is an intern blog that I’m going to be writing for in 2011 (just a few advice bits.) I’ve agreed to post for Mark because I like the content and purpose. It’s generally to the point and has applications for interns anywhere in the world.

Bruce Sallan – Boomer Tech Talk – Another of my twitter chat buddies. After blog after blog about Gen Y, it’s good to read a blog at the other end of the scale. this blog also includes a weekly cartoon from Bruce’s son Aaron. It’s worth following for this alone, a very creative kid.

Recruitment Dad – Recruitment Dad – The Dad hasn’t posted recently because he has been busy training, but based on his previous offerings, I’m hoping there is more to come. He has a good background in the trenches of UK recruitment, and this transfers in to good advice via his blog.

Doug Shaw – Stop Doing Dumb Things – Doug would be on my top 10 list of people i’m glad I got to know in 2010. We met through #connectingHR and I have followed his blog since. Good, simple HR and change advice worth keeping up with.

Bryon Abramowitz – The HR Technologist – Bryan is an HR practitioner with technical expertise. it is good to follow blogs where your knowledge is weak. It’s a great way of learning, and HR tech is not one of my strong points. Thanks Bryon for continuing my education.

Andrew Hyatt – Hollodeck – A recent blog follow that came to me via a recommendation. Check Andy’s profile and you will see why this is worth a read. Great commentary on digital marketing and recruiting comms from the Head of digital at Bernard Hodes UK. Andy has worked both client and agency side and this is clear in his writing.

Keith McIlvane – HR Farmer – Keiths blog is less HR (despite the title) and more a direct commentary on social media and social recruiting. I like his approach. he has recently been working on a real implementation project with an aggressive timeline and his content shares some of the valuable learning in that process.

Mack Collier – MackCollier.Com (not HR but a great blog for bloggers) Mack isn’t HR or a recruiter. He is the creator and host of the formidable #blogchat, and as such, a real guru on social media and blogging in particular. If you’re in this space in any way, you need to read Mack. He is also someone who I owe a great debt to for some great blog lessons. my virtual mentor, without us having ever met (yet).

Josepf Haslam – Phoenix Strat .Com – Josepf is another of the bloggers I’ve connected with through chat. He is also part of the #ungeeked community. I’m going to be sharing my thoughts with this community in Florida in March.

Sue Young –Get In Front – Sue runs Get In Front communications, and has a wealth of resources on blogging, PR, social media and real communications on her blog.Sue also has some great posts on generating new content, so if you are a blogger and stuck for what to say, look Sue up.

HR Communicator – HR Communicator – Blog Community. Ragans HR communicator is a mix of post aggregator from a range of aggregation  great sources and original posts from the likes of Sue Young, Mark Ragan, Meghan Biro, Steve Roesler, mike Vandervort, Sharalyn Lauby and Jessica Malnik. A great panel.

Omwale Casselle – My Sen Say – Dealing mostly with social recruiting and talent attraction, this blog is the voice of consultancy business “My Sen Say.” It’s quite a technical blog (as you’d expect from a Harvard Business School MBA.), with some good posts on strategy, measurement and how social media intersects with talent attraction.

Photo creds: RSVP.Com

Heidi Cohen – Heidi Cohen.Com – Heidi is one of my go to people in twitter chats. She has a great knowledge of social media and as a writer since an early age, puts together great posts. It’s good to read pure marketing blogs from time to time and this is one of my favourites.

Chapman Tripp – FB Fan Page full of Vlogs not strictly a blog, but plenty of blog entries. driven by Paul Jacobs from NZ, the Chapman trip interns have been armed with webcams to record their experiences. This is beginning to form a great collection, worth following for the next installment.

Shannon and Julian Seery-Gude – Exceler8ion – A husband and wife blog team. Both hold high-ranking positions in digital marketing and advertising and have fantastic resumes. this is their own blog where they talk digital engagement, a must read!

Alison Chisnell – The HR Juggler – This is a new blog launched in November, Alison being inspired in to writing following the excellent #connectingHR unconference in London. Alison is an HR practitioner who is clearly rejoicing in the possibilities offered by social. This enthusiasm jumps out in every post and is a joy to read.

Sukhvinder Pabial – Occupational Psychologist On Life – Sukvinder, or @naturalgrump as he is better known, writes his thoughts in a personal, conversational style and is easy to connect with.

Photo creds: E-releases

Gavin McGlynne – Culture Bank – This is a really different blog platform. (You need to look at it to see what I mean), a little bit more sticky notes than blog posts. very easy to find something you like. I met Gavin for the first time earlier this year. He runs a consultancy dealing with employee engagement, change, branding among other things.

Lisa Chidichomo – It’s All About Me – This is a new branding, marketing and advertising blog. I met Lisa at #HREvolution and we talked blogging for quite a while. I know her content is going to be interesting and useful. Encourage her to keep going by visiting and commenting.

My Resourcer – My Resourcer – My resourcer is an application that scours the net for leads for new jobs to create sales opportunities for recruiters. The new blog will be giving sales tips for recruiters as well as other advice. I will be guest blogging here once a week.

Sarang Brahme – Magic Sourcer Newsletter – This blog has two appeals for me. Firstly, it’s from India, which is an area I’m keen on learning more about, and secondly the content covers some great sourcing tips and tricks. If your still learning the art of sourcing (over resume resourcing) it is a great read.

Daniel Bloom – Human Resource Strategist @Net-Speed – Daniel is quite a thinker. His posts are well thought out and cover a whole range of HR strategy topics and commentary on todays HR.

Jonathan Rice – The White Board – From Rice Consulting. This blog addresses whats happening in the New Zealand recruiting market, as well as the rest of the region. The issues are much the same as anywhere else, the solutions are sometimes a bit different.

Robin Schooling – HR Schoolhouse – one of my favourite blogs from one of my favourite people and HR practitioner. Robin tells it as it is, passing on good tips and amusing commentary.

Meghan M Biro – Talent Culture – From the host of the excellent #TChat. A serious blog collective with a whose who list of contributors including the number 1 Talent Influencer Kevin Grossman. Theres plenty for everyone here and I’d expect the name to get much bigger during 2011.

Photo creds: BirdsOn TheBlog

Ellison HR – Humane Resource Blog – from a passionate and practicing HR professional. I love blogs from people who really do the job and this one is no different. Some great posts on the HR struggles in a corporate world.

The Human Capital Institute – The Talent Economy – A blog aggregator featuring at least another 100 blogs and bloggers on Human Capital. Not too much to say on this other than that, lots of content.

Jeff Dickey-Chassins – The Job Board Dr – Jeff is THE blogger on all things job board. He has a great background in the industry and gives a job board take on many of the conversations going on.

Alex Puttman – The Social T-Rex – Mix of social-media and recruiting/HR. Alex is a VP for workforce solutions for a staffing firm. Having worked for both a corporate, agency and end-user, Alex brings a real balanced view-point to his posts.

Kirk Baumann – Campus To Career – Excellent blog for students and graduates entering in to work. kirk gives great advice and commentary on the graduate market, providing really good advice to his readers.

CW Strategies – Content, Customers, Communications – Tips on recruitment marketing. Occasional posts but good content. Chelsie does real PR for recruitment companies and understands social better than anyone in this space. Check her out.

Bonni Lille Titgimeyer – The Employment Opportunities List – Technically not a blog, though it has links to posts. I love the concept of the site. It is set up to share HR jobs in Canada, Toronto in particular.

Options India – Options India Blog – Interesting blog on the Indian Employment Market. Up to date reports and stats that build a picture of the region.

Rypple Blog – The Rypple Blog – I make no secret of the fact that I have a lot of time for Rypple as a business, they have a great product. The blog mixes a bit about the product, (more around feedback in general) and people/HR commentary. it’s certainly not a brochure blog. A bit hidden on the site but dig it out.

Shally Steckerl – The Arbita Blog – No opinion pieces, just great sourcing tips and updates on a daily basis. Not much more to say about Shally, if you want to source, you have to read it.

Jason Alba – Jibber Jobber Blog – job hunt and networking tips . Jason was laid off and used the experience to create the Jibber Jobber network and blog.

Hush Recruiter – The Hush Recruiter – Blog collective brought to you by the guys behind Jibe. This is a mostly anonymous collective of bloggers who are recruiters or HR and enjoy a good rant. Worth a daily dose.

PhotoCreds: Ning

Niall Devitt – Bloggertone – A business blogging community from Ireland with some recruiter/HR and leadership content. I’m going to be contributing from Jan, bringing a recruiting perspective. sign up and see what the Irish have to say.

Hannah Morgan – Career Sherpa – This blog is just common sense career and recruiting advice. I like Hannah a lot, and her posts. Read it or pass it on to job seekers.

The Social CMO – Social CMO – Home of #MMChat and a guest blog collective. Includes guest posts from the likes of me, Chris Brogan and plenty of others. Part social, part marketing with some HR related posts.

Linked In – Talent Advantage – the lesser known specialist recruiter blog from linked In. keeps you up to date with all the tips and tricks as they evolve. Follow this one even if you read the Linked In blog.

Bruce Sallan – Boomer Tech Talk – Simple tech and social media/job advice for boomers. great weekly comic from Bruce’s son.

Simply Hired – The Simply Hired Blog – Newsletter and job seeker/recruiter tips from Simply Hired

Smartbrief  – SmartBlog On Social Media – Where readers of the Smartbrief newsletter share thoughts via blog posts. Always good and informed content.

Lori Goldsmith – Jazzle.Com – posts on job search, HR and recruiting from a practicing HR generalist. Plenty to read here, and another for the practitioner collection.

Damon Klotz – The HR Rockstar – Damon is starting out in an HR career and shares the enthusiasm of being young with maturity in HR thinking. Great read. Damon is going to be leading a track for HR starters at #trulondon. looking forward to meeting up.

PhotoCreds: MarketingBlogs

Laurent Brouat – A Job You Love – The French half of the Link Humans duo. Laurent blogs on job search, networking, recruiting and social media with a particular leaning to Linked In.

Jorgen Sundberg – Jorgen Sundberg.Net – The scandinavian half of Linked Humans and better known for his popular blog Undercover Recruiter that I listed last time. Jorgen shares on-line networking tips that are simple to follow.

Emily Stone – Here’s To Your Health – A blog about wellbeing. I like this blog because it is not too tree huggy and covers an important (though unsexy) topic.

Anna Birtwhistle – CM Murray – A new blog from lawyers who know their employment law. early signs on this blog is that it won’t read like a text-book. Worth following to see.

Chris Ponder – Xtreme HR – Chris is an HR practitioner with a varied background across a number of sectors including casino’s. his posts often challenge the norm and are well worth a read.

Dwayne Lay – Lean HR – A bit of a different perspective. Dwayne posts on bringing lean manufacturing best practice in to HR functions. Short and witty posts that get to the point.

China Gorman – China Gorman – The former C.O.O. of SHRM, China is fairly new to blogging, but has already chalked up some great posts. With her global outlook and connections China is well worth following.

Todd Schnick – Intrepid – A bit more marketing than HR but Todd has some great tips. I’ve seen the way Todd networks and he is worth taking note of.

Jennifer V Miller – The People Equation – Leadership blog that combines people talk with some technical bits on areas like profiling. I like Jennifer’s writing style

Sysomos – Symomos Blog – The blog from Market Wire, the social media monitoring and analytics people. plenty of interesting and data and comment from across all social networks.

Ed Newman – The Accidental Entrpreuneur – Ed came out of HR, built and sold a business and consults on HR, in particular technology. Ed has an often unique but valid take on things, and writes with lots of personality.

Ian Mondrow –Perspectives of Organizational Psychology – What sounds like it should be a very dull blog is actually well researched and very interesting. Look before you dismiss it. (though I would rename it if I were Ian.)

Jacqui Pointdexter – Career Trends – A mix of resume advice (and most of it is good) and general comment on recruiting and branding.

J Keith Dunbar – The DNA of Human Capital – If you enjoy John Ingham’s blog posts, then this one is a natural add-on. Good posts on change, people and leadership.

Terry Starbucker – Starbucker – Not a coffee worshiper. This blog looks at leadership and leadership questions with an interesting take.

Keith Potts – Keith Potts – Billed as some ramblings from the CEO of Jobsite, this is really a personal blog. I like Keith, so I like what he has to say.

Abi Signorelli – Abi Signorelli – Abi posts on social media and communications, using a great mix of audio-boos, interviews, pics, wordclouds and just a bit of text. I love what she does. Worth following just to see who she is interviewing next.

Lauren K Gray – My Blog – Lauren talks PR, social, Cooking and lots of other stuff. I  like Laurens thinking and networking. Read her take on all things marketing. A must read for bloggers.

Ovia – The Ovia Blog – Inevitably this blog covers video interviewing but as this is fast evolving recruiter technology, the conversation is worth following.

Shell Israel – Global Neighborhoods – This is my personal favourite for social media blog. I feel more connected and influenced by the author than any other, ahead of mashable and other better known titles. this blog often asks the same questions I’m thinking.

Cachinko – Social Recruitment Marketing – Good tips and advice on social recruiting, networking and referral networks. set up by 2 former job seekers, a corporate blog with personality.

Paul De’Bettignies – Minnesotta Headhunter -Paul is  an active IT recruiter and well-known speaker, organising a strong network of recruiters in Minnesota. (one of the strongest regional recruiter groups I know of.). recruiting posts from a hands on perspective.

Susan Strayer – Kaleidoblog – You might remember Susan from her best of day presentation at the Social Recruiting Summit earlier this year. I do, because she stood out for me, and since then I’ve been following her blog. Not as many posts as I would like, but when they come they are well worth the read.

Jason Lauritsen & Joe Gerstandt – Talent Anarchy – Branding and HR Rebels. this blog does not sit on the fence and is sometimes controversial in thinking and writing. All posts will provoke a reaction, as a good blog should.

Stephen Fowler – Recruitment Views – A UK blog from a Rec to Rec specialist. Stephen provides on going commentary on what is going on in the UK, view points and some great recruiter discussion pieces.

Photo Creds: TheHammer

Personnel Today – Guru Blog – An anonymous HR blogger that likes to poke his tongue out at the establishment, clouded by going un-named and from the heights of Personnel Today. sounds very familiar, any relation to the HRD?

Ed Scrivner – Scrivrec – I have to thank Louise from UK recruiter for bringing this one to my attention. Ed blogs is a practicing recruiter and blogs on all things HR and recruiting. He is UK-based and shows a great understanding of HR and recruiting issues.

Fresh Minds – Fresh Minds Talent Blog – Fresh Minds is a blog collective, made up of Fresh Minds employees. plenty of talk around Gen Y and recruiting, as well as a whole host of other topics. Fresh minds research posts introduce some well thought out research based posts, giving a good take on the market.

Irish Cyber Sleuth – Irish Cyber Sleuth – Another collective, with content from the active irish recruiters Linked In group. the alumni include Microsoft, so there’s lots of good content, slanted towards direct recruiting and sourcing.

Johnny Campbell – Recruiter Blog – Johnny is an active recruiter who also helps companies develop direct sourcing strategies. He has some very novel ideas over linked In and Facebook that he shares in his blog, as well as providing live blogging from recruiting events (including #tru ones.) Johnny will be sharing his thoughts as a track leader, and blogging from #trulondon in Feb

Nick Tomlinson – Mr.Resourceful – A recruiter blog from the UK. I like the personal style that talks to the readers, shares a bit of personal stuff and sprinkles in some good humour.

Martin Dangerfield – Human Face Of Recruitment – Martin is an executive recruiter who has been around the industry for a while. He has been blogging for a few years now. He was one of the first blogs I started reading. I haven’t grown bored of his posts or his style, neither will you.

John Philpott – John Philpott’s Blog – Chief economist for the CIPD. John has been under the spotlight recently for a few of his forecasts. Not shooting the messenger springs to mind. I’m not a member so I find this blog useful for updates on CIPD thinking.

PhotoCreds: businessweek

Jay Shepherd – Gruntled Employees – Another lawyers blog. I enjoy this blog because of the mix of people thinking amongst the legal talk. It’s not all acts and reforms.

Dorothy Dalton – Future Perfect – Dorothy is a global executive recruiter and career coach based in the UK, taking an approach to offering a complete career service more commonly found in the USA. Dorothy writes for the executive, more mature market without being condescending. I enjoy her range of posts.

Wally Bock –Three Star Leadership – Wally is a great commentator on the leadership issues of the day. He is well-known and often quoted. his posts cover a wide range of subjects and give plenty of reference data useful for cross posting or understanding a view-point. Well researched and thought out blog.

Peter Lanc – HRMExplorer – Peter blogs on a whole range of HR and people issues. he writes with a personal style, another of the blogs that talks to you. His content has plenty of variety, and he posts quite often. I have enjoyed Peters support of my blog, more through shares and comments. I’d ask you to do the same for his and take a look.

Jonni Doolin – People Report – Another blog collective and probably my favourite of the HR communities. Most posts are informed over opinioned and reflect the facts of a discussion. If you want a back bone to a post, this is a great starting point for research.

Michael Kruppa –Infobox – michael is an HR technology practitioner not a consultant. This is reflected in his blog. I don’t know lots about HR technology (which is why I was glad when I found this blog.), but the HR Directors I respect all pointed me Mikes way (along with Steve Boese of course) for a sound reference point.

Kevin Wheeler – Global Learning Resources Blog – If you want a real thought leading blog with a real global perspective, here it is! Kevin labels this blog as: ” Thoughts on Recruiting, Learning and Other Things as I Ramble around the World.” it is an accurate description. read it, you will enjoy it, but mostly you will learn from it. Kevin is among the track leaders for #trulondon in Feb. I’m really looking forward to hearing him speak.

PhotoCreds: TashaHarrison

Jenny De’vaughn – Social Precision – Despite moving from consultancy to working for Hodes in a very cool job, I’m delighted that Jenny has managed to maintain her Social Precision blog. It’s a goldmine of information on Linked In (Jenny is the third most connected women on the planet with over 23,000 first level connections!) and Facebook, as well as social media and social recruiting in general. I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with Jenny, and I know her blog is well worth a regular read.

Hashable – The Hashable Blog – This is the blog behind the networking start-up that sprung to life out of New York and is fast becoming a phenomenon. The concept is very simple, driven by twitter and a mobile app. The blog is really an update at what is happening at hashable. I enjoy it as a close look at how quickly a recent start-up is growing, and the simple ways they are attracting new sign ups every day. A case study in a blog!

WordPress – WordPress Planet – Last listing. i use this blog to keep up to date on new themes, plug-ins and things that are happening around WordPress. It is a great resource, and if you have a WP blog, it should be standard in your reader.

That ends this latest list, if you weren’t listed then send me a link in comments and I will take a look and add you next time around. I haven’t added any blogs I listed last time, and there was 140. You can get that list HERE.

What are your favourite blogs and who have I missed off the list?

As a last call, there’s still an opportunity to be featured in the 2010/11 #truVlog carnival. We go live from Monday. If I featured your blog, please return the favour by taking part. it only takes 2 minutes and all you need is a webcam.


To all bloggers, thanks for continuing my education and thinking. Send me links anytime, and keep being ambassadors!




41 comments on “Another 100 HR/Recruiting and #SocialRecruiting Blogs

  1. Hi Bill, great article with loads of useful blogs. We’ve actually got a blog ourselves designed to cover recruitment in Asia but focusing predominantly on Property and Construction. It would be great to hear your thoughts and whether we can be included in the next list:


    It’s early days so far but we’ll be posting regularly and getting guest contributors involved in the near future too. Look forward to hearing from you,


    • James,
      Thanks for your comments and the link to your blog. I have had a look and will mail you some comments. I would be really interested in what the main networks are that you use in China, and a few blogs that are worth following if you want to guest post here, drop me a message.

  2. Hi Bill

    Thanks ever so much for the mention, I really appreciate it. And I know you said the list is in no particular order but I’m delighted you stuck me in at #13 – usually much maligned and a favourite number of mine.

    I’m off work this week so on Monday I will sit down and sort out a #truvlog for you. Cheers – Happy New Year.


  3. Really enjoying your posts Bill, this has giving me some new reading for my reader and your post reviewing social media and recruitment in 2010 some real food for thought. Especially around rated links. I would love it if you could check out our blog http://www.approachthemarket.co.uk which focuses on job search in tiday’s climate next time, as I would be keen on receiving some feedback.

    • Sarah,
      I’m not sure how I missed this off the list. I thought you were on the original 140 list but it looks like you aren’t. I will put this right on the next blog list, and anyone reading the comments, jump over and take a look.
      Looking forward to meeting you and your co-blogger Leslie at #trulondon in Feb.

  4. Blimey Bill – there’s a list. It seems cumbersome to add more options but I would also suggest looking at http://www.theconnectedrecruiter.com that Barry Furby has put together, a guest-blogging format that hopefully other bloggers (other than just myself) will begin to get involved in through 2011.

    Big fan of Callum Saunders’ blog – but I can’t find the link at the moment. He’s an intelligent & thoughtful guy who writes brilliantly on social media and recruitment.

    And I might er add… ahem… http://www.recruitmentmisfit.com – some bloke in social media recruitment banging on about his observations, gripes and loves. 🙂

    • Steve,
      Agreed. Calum’s blog is a very good read, another to list in the next 100. I didn’t include Barry or you because you were on the first 140 list, though the links were different.
      Steve, you always post some real recruiting stuff that I enjoy reading. I will be following you closely again this year to see what is next for Cloud9, and I am looking forward to seeing you again at #trulondon.

  5. Hey bill, excellent reading list. thanks so much for the mention and the positive comments. happy new year!

    • No problem Chelsie,
      I remember meeting you at the last #trulondon and #truManchester and I have been following your work since. One request, more posts in 2011 please.

      • I will definately try Bill! Have posted my first of the New Year if you are interested “the demise of the Recruitment Hoodie”.

        The tru masterclass looks good, unfortunately have other commitments this time but hopefully will get to attend another event this year.

  6. Thanks Bill, Very nice of you to have mentioned me and thank YOU for what you do- cheers – Peter

    • Peter,
      It’s a deserved listing for a good blog. You are always one of the first to comment via Facebook, and you know that for bloggers, comments and feedback are the applause we need.

  7. […] Earlier this year I published a blog post on 140 HR and Recruiting blogs I read. This has been one of my most revisited posts of all time and still gets regular shares. As it's Christmas, and there could be some spare reading time coming up, I've added another 100 to the list. I've also slipped in a few marketing blogs I like that I think fit the theme, and … Read More […]

  8. Bill –

    An honor to be included. I always just assume that no one notices my blog. A lot less pressure that way.

    – Dwane

  9. Bill,

    Thanks so much for including me in this list. It’s quite comprehensive and has given me so many new HR folks to explore!

    All the best to you from the American Midwest,


    • Jennifer,
      You were one of the first people I followed on twitter so I have been aware of your work for some time. You also featured in the #truvlog carnival last year. Would be good to see you featured again.

  10. Hi Bill,

    Very kind of you to add me to this list. In a similar way to Dwayne, I don’t expect my blog to be read, so appreciated to have been added to your list.

    Could I request you update though so my name is spelled correctly? Sukhvinder – you’ve missed out the ‘h’.

    Many thanks


  11. Bill,

    Thank you so much for mentioning me in this entry and I am glad you enjoy reading. I appreciate your review of my blog, pretty dead on!

    Happy New Year


  12. Hi Bill,

    Thank you for the mention! I greatly appreciate it.

    Have a Happy New Year!


  13. Hi Bill,

    This is a great list!

    I would be included on your list for my blog: Elephants at Work helping to master your career and relationships.



    • Lynn,

      Your blog has passed me by till now. just been over and had a look, lots of good content. I like the simple tips you are giving in bite sized chunks. Will be an inclusion in the next post.


  14. Thanks for this list – I have some new people to add to my reading list.

    I also do a blog if you are interested, it is HR based and the intended audience is small business owners.


    Happy New Year!

  15. Thanks Bill, first for making the list large enough to include the likes of me, second for your kind words about the blog, and third for your own, excellent posts and other sharing.

  16. […] And from Bill Boorman at The Recruiting Unblog we have Another 100 HR/Recruiting and #SocialRecruiting Blogs […]

  17. Hi Bill, Happy New Year! Thanks a lot for the Bloggertone mention, looking forward to reading you over there. Regards, Niall

  18. What are the best recruitment blogs?…

    Fistful of Talent: http://fistfuloftalent.com Boolean Black Belt: http://www.booleanblackbelt.com Minnesota Headhunter: http://www.mnheadhunter.com The Staffing Advisor: http://thestaffingadvisor.wordpress.com/ ERE: http://ERE.net The Fordyce Letter: h…

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  20. Great post, I’ve come across this great website https://joblang.com/ which seems to have a huge amount of quality jobs from all over, and their blog on careers is alos amazing.

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