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When did recruiting stop being an HR function? #ConnectingHR

I will be hosting the #ConnectingHR #CHRChat on Wednesday 2’nd Feb at 8.00PM G.M.T. Thats 3.00PM EST if you are in the states. The topic of the chat: Recruiting as an HR function. I’m not going to fire questions in to the twitter stream every 5 minutes or so, I much prefer the open mic […]

Guest Post: @GlenCathey: Candidate Pipelining v Just In Time Sourcing

One of the real pleasures I get from organising #tru events is that I get to meet bloggers that I admire. I’m a big fan of Glen Cathey and his Boolean Black Blog. Glen is one of the worlds best sourcers and an active recruiter for K-Force in Atlanta. He doesn’t just talk about sourcing […]

#truStockholm – March 9’th/10’th

The #tru carnival comes to Stockholm thanks to Michelle Rea at Social Honesty and host/sponsors #tru is The Recruiting Unconference for people with an interest in Recruiting, HR, Technology, Branding and anyone who works in the “people” space. What is an unconference? An unconference is an event that is about conversation. Each discussion topic […]

Case Study: Classic Cottages use video for selection #socialrecruiting

  I posted earlier this week on the changing face of candidate selection, and how video was playing it’s part. the guys from Ovia sent me over this video case study that shows where video selection fits in to the recruiting process and changes. It is a bit of a product plug (understandable) with some […]

The SocialCV: Is this the worlds largest global talent pool? #Socialrecruiting

I don’t often get over excited by new products promising the earth.  There have been plenty of disappointments in this area in the past, but TheSocialCVcould be one of those products. Like all good products, it came out of an initial Google based project that didn’t get off the ground. By changing a few things […]

Guest Post: @Arie_Ball of Sodexo: #trulondon gobsmacked

We were lucky enough to have Arie Ball as a track-leader for #truManchester last year. I know from feedback that Aries track, telling the story of how Sodexo in the US have developed a dedicated talent acquisition team, who through social recruiting and sourcing recruit over 5000 management staff each year. it’s a real case […]

The tweet-cloud from #emconf2011

We are now at the half-way point at the Enhance Media conference on on-line recruiting. I’m not there in person, i’m following the back channel and picking up on the conversation. With no official blog-squad it is a bit sparse, should really have splashed out on hiring @lesanto, the twitter pirate! This is the tweetcloud […]

LinkedIn Recommendations Or LinkedIn Lies?

O.K, hands up if you look at recommendations on LinkedIn for anything other than leads on competitors profiles? despite what I constantly hear of the value of recommendations.  I view them as pretty worthless. If a profile has 100’s of them, I value them even less. The recommendation system has been much abused and carry […]

The changing face of candidate selection

Theres been a run of start-ups over the last year or so offering a video interview facility. I think the term video interview is on the whole misleading. I don’t see them being used for interview in the way I first used video as a recruiter. In those days there was no webcams, you tube […]