The #truVlog Carnival Day1 : Faces of HR/Recruiting

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Welcome to the #truVlog carnival 2010/11. The purpose of this series of posts is to give the people who I share a social space with the chance to say Hi to their followers and give their thoughts on the year ahead. I will be taking submissions till the end of next week if you want to take part.
There are 2 ways you can submit your message, either by recording/uploading on this site using the link at the end of this post, or by recording your entry on YouTube and mailing me the link. You can mail me at bill@billboorman.co.uk
Thanks for taking part, watching or reading:

1: The Cynical Girl – Laurie Ruettimann

Formerly known as Punk Rock HR, Laurie now blogs at the aptly named Cynical Girl. If you are in the HR or recruiting space, you will almost certainly know who Laurie is. She asks the questions you’ve always considered but were afraid to publish. Speaks openly about the issues which are normally only whispered in corners and drops the F bomb at appropriate intervals.
Laurie describes herself as a failed HR professional who surprisingly gets paid for speaking and writing. Laurie co-founded the company New Media Services LLC which offers social media coverage for conferences and events, most recently via the Voice Of HR brand.

I have to confess to being a big fan of Laurie’s blogging style. She is the master of asking a question or stating a view in a few words (her average post is no more than 400 words), that demands comment. Laurie will always reply to comments quickly and clearly connects with her readers.

Laurie was over in London for #trulondon in Feb, where she shared her thoughts and views on all things from blogging to the future of HR. I was delighted to catch up with her and husband Ken when they visited London in November and that Laurie will be returning to lead a few tracks and a masterclass for #trulondon 3 this Feb. I know that she is already cooking up something special with a few friends from this side of the water.

Laurie’s blog: Cynical Girl

Laurie on twitter

2: Andy Headworth – Sirona Says

Andy is a blogger I have followed for a long time via his excellent blog Sirona Says. His blog carrys a mix of informative posts that range from how to use the latest tools and applications for social recruiting, case studies and plenty of personal comment. It is one of the first ports of call for plenty of people looking to find out more about social media and social recruiting in particular.

Andy runs consultancy business Sirona Consulting, supporting a mix of third-party and corporate recruiters with social and general recruiting strategy. He also runs local workshops for all types of small businesses on using the social media channels to promote their business. he is a passionate advocate of the real benefits that can be achieved by employing a social media strategy for business growth, and his enthusiasm is infectious. he knows his stuff and is well worth following for the tips he shares.

Two things really stand out for me about Andy. Firstly. Andy has led tracks on blogging at all of the #trulondon events so far and a number of blogs can be traced back to his first words of encouragement and advice (including mine.)

Secondly, on a personal note, Andy sadly lost his brother a couple of years ago and since then has used his blog and social-media reach to promote fund-raising efforts in Davids memory, through his creation Worthing Crocman. His most recent effort was completing the longest bungee jump in Europe (if not the world!). if you go over to his blog, you can check out his exploits.

Andy will be track-leading again at #trulondon 3. I’m thankful for his support.

Andy’s blog: Sirona Says

Andy on twitter

3: Geoff Webb – The Radical Recruiter

I’m proud to call Geoff a friend. We worked together in setting up the first #tru events. Geoff is a master sourcer by trade, who understands 3 things really well:

1: How to find talent

2: Social-Media (particularly around video)

3: How to throw a party

Geoff has combined these skills through the set up of Radical Events and Radical Training, and is hosting a string of events across Canada and the US this year.

Geoff is more of a vlogger than blogger, with a Radical Rant going out each week. He hosts a fortnightly radio show “Recruiter House Party” on Blogtalk Radio that attracts some great guests and plenty of listeners.

Geoff is no stranger to #trulondon, having hosted sourcing tracks and running the popular #trusource at the last 2 events. Geoff is returning to #trulondon in Feb and will be presenting a key-note on sourcing at the #truMasterclass and leading tracks at #trulondon.

Radical Events

Geoff on Twitter

4: Michae, Kelly and Sophie Long – The Red Recruiter and family.

This is a welcome first for a #truvlog entry, a family portrait. michael is The red recruiter, responsible for global employer branding for Rackspace in Texas. Kelly, who has a background in HR, is the Learning and Development lead also at Rackspace, and Sophie is their recent addition to the family, and attends the Rackspace Creche.

Anyone who follows Michael will know him for his excellent blog, The Red Recruiter, and the fact that he always wears Red Shoes. (With the exception of when he is at #trulondon and wears Union Jack Dr.Martins!) he combines his passion for blogging and some would say obsession for shoes by promoting The red Shoe project that raises awareness of children’s projects.

The Longs are a social family. Friends of michael or Kelly will have followed the progress of Kelly’s pregnancy, and the regular postings of family pictures ever since. It has been a joy to share in their happiness. I’m sure you will enjoy the debut vlog performance of Sophie, and will join me in wishing them all the best for 2011.

The RedRecruiter

tHRyving – Kelly Long

5: Katharine Robinson – The Sourceress

2010 has been a notable year for Katharine. at Sourcecon 2010 she was crowned Grand Master Sourcer, the first person from out of the UK to be awarded the honour, having won an earlier competition to qualify, then beating former champions on the day.

Katharine has really been the trend setter in bringing sourcing techniques (rather than resourcing), to these shores, through her blog and Linked In UK sourcers network. katharine is now an in-demand speaker at recruiting events, as more recruiters are realising the benefit of direct sourcing., and has led UK sourcing tracks at all the #tru events. She has recently landed a full-time sourcing role with a blue-chip consultancy. (You can hear her announcement on the vlog.) This is great news for Katharine, and further recognition of her place as one of the elite sourcers.

Away from sourcing, Katharine is a social-media advocate, and is heavily involved in organising tweetups and the local reading #twestival. I’m a fan of her work. Good luck in your new job Katherine.

The Sourceress

Follow Katherine On Twitter

That concludes the first 5 ambassadors that have taken part. we have more entries to feature over the coming days looking in to 2011. Theres still time to record your entry. Thanks to Lisa Scales, Talent On view and Tribepad, you can record your entry directly or upload a video and send me a link via You Tube. Entries close Friday!

Happy 2011, Bill


2 comments on “The #truVlog Carnival Day1 : Faces of HR/Recruiting

  1. When I think of social media, social recruiting, social networks, and social network analysis 1 name always pops up in the top five. That name is Bill Boorman.

    Few people can match his intellectual capital, and almost no one can match his level of heartfelt compassion.

    I’ve never heard Bill say no to a job seeker who reached out to him with authenticity, and earnest. I’ve never heard Bill turn away a potential colleague that needed his help.

    That is why I nominate Bill Boorman as Social Media Man To Know in 2011. I just tweeted. I mean it. I’ll put it in writing in a post. I’m standing by these words because that is how much his advice, counsel, trust, and integrity means to me.

    You see the mark of a good collegial relationship is not one that depends on head nodding and back slapping. A really good colleague, one that has your back will tell you when they don’t agree, why they don’t agree, and what they would do differently. Furthermore, if that colleague also doubles as a friend, they will even pitch in and give a hand. They’ll tell you “how” to do it differently if your mind is open enough to allow the information to pour in-and the point is-to be open.

    Be a critical thinker like Bill. Say no when you don’t agree. Say yes when you do agree. Be more like Bill in 2011. Read voraciously. Share your information generously. More people will contract your services if you do.

    I’m a Friend of Bill’s. Of that, I am quite proud.

    Margo Rose, M.Ed., HRD
    Social Media Manager for ICUC Content Moderation Services, Community Manager for AMC Theatres

    Founder of HireFriday

  2. Haha! This is great Bill! Thanks for letting us be a part of it 😉

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