Who Is The HR Rockstar? Guest post by @DamonKlotz

The HR Rockstar Damon Klotz is a new name for many. He is starting out his HR career in Australia. He writes a good blog with some thought-provoking posts. He is coming to #trulondon and will be leading a track. You can find out for yourself if he is a young upstart or has something to add. This is Damon in his words:

The HRockstar and HR – Who, Where, What, When & Why?

Name: Damon Klotz
Age: 22
Star Sign: Capricorn.
Music: The Strokes, The Subways, White Lies, Bright Eyes & The Kooks.
Random Facts:
 Was in the spotlight at a young age making sandcastles and stopping
play at the Australian Open Golf Championship 1992
 Competed nationally as apart of a Rock Eisteddfod
 A connoisseur of the arts
 Will jump at the chance to speak in public &
 Loves travelling the globe probably due to the fact that his name spelt
backwards is nomad.

Originally born in Canberra, Australia and has since lived in Sydney,
Melbourne, Townsville and currently Brisbane. Completed a Bachelor of
Business in Human Resource Management at the Queensland University of
Technology in 2009 and currently works as a HR Contractor with a large State
Government Department in Brisbane.

What is this kid all about? I’ve been called many things over the years.
Especially over the phone when people can’t fathom the name Damon and
consequently have been called Damian, Dedrick, Darren etc. I have also been
described as fearless, thought leader, inspiring, driven, passionate,
committed, knowledge sharer, caring, mindful & a risk taker. But probably my favourite short n sweet summary on the subject of The HRockstar is from the #Tru man himself @BillBoorman “Damon is starting out in an HR career and shares the enthusiasm of being young with maturity in HR thinking.”

I’ve also had some nice words posted by folks on LinkedIn.

When will you get to meet him? Either online or for those of you lucky enough to attend you’ll get a chance to say hello at #TruLondon in February. Please refrain from mentioning the ashes or the current form of Chelsea. I
acknowledge that the Australian Cricket team should have blooded younger
talent earlier and made some bold decisions to remove dead wood. I also
acknowledge that Chelsea didn’t adequately replace the experienced
campaigners they sold/released in the off-season and subsequently we have been a bit thin of talent as of late. My final say is that I’m putting our bad form
down to managerial changes. I think this is the longest we have gone without
replacing our first team coach (touch wood) so we decided to get rid of Ray
Wilkins the assistant instead…. Restructures are rarely pretty!
Why should you listen to The HRockstar? I’m the first two acknowledge that
I’m only 22 and still have a hell of a lot to learn. In light of the recent post by
The HRD , I’m not here to tell you how to do your jobs better and how you could have just bought a seat at that wretched table yourself from IKEA instead of waiting to be bloody asked. But I do love my work and I’ll put my two cents out there and be the voice (I’m sure I’m not the only voice by the way) of tomorrow and help shape and or reshape my chosen profession.

3 comments on “Who Is The HR Rockstar? Guest post by @DamonKlotz

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Bill Boorman and Bill Boorman. Bill Boorman said: Who Is The HR Rockstar? Guest post by @DamonKlotz: http://wp.me/pGdml-kv […]

  2. Good to have you Damon. Let’s bring some youth into HR. Thank you Bill for this post. And to all HR beginners, Damon is an ambassador representing all of us at the beginning of our journey and his blog is definitely to be watched. I will see you at #TRULondon Damon.

  3. Thanks for the comment Peter and thanks to Bill for posting this. I’d like to firstly say that I’m really excited to be attending #truLondon. This is probably the most excited I’ve ever been for a conference and the calibre of speakers and attendees will blow my mind! Definitely worth the 24 hour flight from Brisbane!

    I think my blog will be bigger and better in 2011. 2010 was my first year blogging and was a very experimental year. I focused a lot of my posts on helping out students and young HR starters mainly because I felt this was a topic that I had the most knowledge on. I also love the idea of social change and helping people and I’m my own small way I think my blog achieved that last year. 2010 was also about me finding my voice in HR and what topics really engaged me. So I started to post a few more HR specific posts about the industry and changes within it.

    2011 for me is about really focusing my efforts blogging wise on HR. I want to become known as the voice of tomorrow. I’ve had a year under my belt in the workforce and have built of a collection of stories and ideas to share. You may not always agree with me but that’s a risk I’m willing to take. Sometimes my youth and enthusiasm will take control and if somebody wants to stop me in my tracksthen please do, because even the best albums have needed the odd tweak and critique. But you won’t stop The HRockstar and his global tour, that’s for sure. The HRockstar is not an overnight X Factor sensation that will be gone again in a few months. He’s here to stay!

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