#truVlog Day 2: More faces of HR/recruiting

Welcome to day 2 of the #truVlog carnival. We have been getting plenty of entry’s but there is still room for more, thanks to our sponsors Tribepad and Talent On View. You can record your entry by pressing the big red button at the end of this post:

6: Jason Seiden

Jason writes fantastic books like Staying Power and How To Self-destruct. Both top career reads with great advice.Jason is also an in demand speaker on all things HR, consultant, dad and blogger. He blogs over at Fail Spectacularly, failing, learning and bouncing back being a constant theme.
I was lucky enough to meet Jason at #HREvolution and hear him speak. He is on my “must see” list again for 2011. I even have the flaming head “fail spectacular” T-Shirt taking pride of place in my wardrobe.

Here is Jason’s video. It’s a must watch for anyone in HR anywhere.

Fail Spectacularly Blog

7: Craig Fisher – Fishdogs 

Craig Fisher is Fishdogs, something of a legend in social recruiting circles. I’ve known Craig for a while now. We met and spoke at #TNL, #Trulondon and #HREvolution last year. Craig co-founded A-List solutions, an IT recruiters in Dallas, and is now VP of Business Development for People Report, an HR Technology company that measures and compares staffing trends  for the service industry.  He is a blogger at www.fishdogs.com, and host of the TalentNet Live #TNL recruiter forum. As a 20 year innovator in sales and recruiting, Craig is a social recruiting & new media branding strategist, speaker, and trainer for marketers, job seekers, employers, and business owners.

I’m delighted that Craig is back in London for #trulondon, and I will be particularly keen to hear his take on location-based recruiting which he will be sharing as part of the #truMasterclass on 15’th Feb.

Career Branding For Social Animals

Fishdogs. Com

8: Dwane Lay – Lean Consulting (or the man in the mirror.)

Dwane is a recent discovery for me via #HRHappyHour, or more specifically the twitter stream , where he is a regular contributor. With so much content about, it’s unusual to find something that makes you think “this is different.” Dwane’s blog, “Lean HR” does just that.

Dwane manages HR Technology for a major corporation in the US, so he is  at the sharp end of HR, and shares his experiences, thoughts and tips through his blog Lean HR. It’s a good read.

LeanHR Blog

9: Margo Rose – HR Margo

Margo Rose is best known for being the name behind #HireFriday, a twitter initiative set up to replace the monotonous Follow Friday, and give job seekers a means of spreading their details via the channel. The concept is pretty simple. Job seekers post the link to their Linked In profile or on-line resume and followers of the stream share it through their own networks. This initiative has grown steadily during 2010, and has attracted some significant supporters, not in the least Chris Brogan, who shares links each week.

Margo is a blog talk radio host through her show #CompassionateHR, that promotes the charitable activities of HR professionals and recruiters, and blogs at HireFriday Bootcamp 2.0

HireFriday Bootcamp

photocreds: Flikkr

10: Mike VanDervort – Human Racehorses

Mike is a good friend and collaborator. We have met once at #HREvolution, spoken, mailed, tweeted and updated many times in all the social channels. I have a great respect for Mike as one of the genuine and good guys. I know he is held in high esteem by his peers, and his blog, Human Racehorses, a great read and reference source.

Mike is well-known in the US as an expert on labor relations, with a long history of consulting on union matters. Mike is rumoured to be an Olympian of some renowned.This is in fact a wikipedia style prank, but perhaps it is Mikes sporting yet competitive nature that serves him well in pressure negotiations.

Mike is also a champion of SHRM, serving office with his home chapter in Florida. Last year he was particularly active in integrating social-media in to #HRFlorida, the annual conference. In terms of coverage of the event and social interaction via the streams, #HRFlorida10 was second only to the SHRM national conference in my opinion.

Aside from Mike’s excellent blog “Human Racehorses”, another good reason for following Mike is that he is on the blogsquad for most of the leading HR events across the States and he does an excellent job. Following Mike gets you a ring side seat to the presentations from your own home.

I thank Mike for his conversation, information links and friendship throughout 2010.

The Human Race Horses Blog

That concludes todays episode of the #truVlog 2010/11. There are more posts to come over the next week, as #truVlog entry’s continue to arrive. If you haven’t done so yet, please record your entry by clicking on the big button below. Thanks to todays ambassadors,




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  2. Very nice post, Bill. That whole Olympics thing is so funny. It has followed me around ever since Trish McFarlane put that little “factoid” on my bio for the Women of HR blog.

    I never won those damn gold medals 🙂

  3. More great stuff on here. Nice to get to see people from time to time instead of just reading. Thanks for sharing, everyone!

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