Happy Birthday @MackCollier #Blogchat tips

The iconic Mack Collier FB shot

Every so often you have to use your blog space to thank people in the network you share who have helped you to develop. In the social age, people learn from the information we share, and while I try to do my bit, I get back far more help than I ever give.
Today is Mack colliers birthday. he is the commander-in-chief of the twitter chat #blogchat
If you follow the blogs of some of the contributors,you will notice changes and increased readership. it has certainly been true for this blog.
On Mack’s birthday, I wanted to say thanks for the lessons and for the time you put in to sharing the thoughts of others. On my part, these are the key things I have picked up recently on #blogchat.

Photo creds: PushingSocial

1: A blog needs an objective. Something you are trying to achieve, be it business or just being heard.
2; Make subscriptions easy and buttons prominent with multiple sign up options.
3: Easy archive is invaluable, from latest posts, categories, tag search or open search.
4: If you write a business blog, your starting point is determining if you want to make money from your blog or because of your blog. dictates content.
5: Writing often and consistently brings readers and sign-ups.
6: Don’t be afraid to keep experimenting till you get it right.
7; No blog is ever perfect, and only your readers decide what is good and what is rubbish. They will let you know.
8: Audience needs clear definition. Focussing your writing on your audience brings clarity and following.
9: Putting links at the end of your posts rather than in your posts maintains reader attention. Snap links or twitter updates can be real distractions.
10: Write about others often. They are usually far more interesting than you!

These are 10 lessons that stand out for me from #blogchat from 2010. There are many more that help me to learn, and hopefully make my blog better for my audience.
thanks again Mack, you are a real community champion!


Mack Collier’s blog

4 comments on “Happy Birthday @MackCollier #Blogchat tips

  1. Thanks for sharing the great tips, Bill. Happy Birthday Mack!

  2. Thank you my friend for the Birthday wishes, and your great #Blogchat takeaways. And don’t forget that YOU are a big reason why #Blogchat is so awesome!

    • Thanks Mack,
      I thought my blog was the best place to send wishes. Praise where its due, to steal a phrase from @paulJacobs4Real, you are the real community DJ! Its a great community, and we rather than I.

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