Guest post from Oxfams Beth Mayes: My #trulondon


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Beth Mayes will be attending her first #trulondon and unconference in Feb. I’m delighted that Beth will be joining us, and has chosen to share her agenda for being there with us. I’d like to see more of these types of posts from attendees. I’m happy to feature anyone and start the conversation. The exchange of ideas, views and help can start now. no need to wait for the event.

This is Beth:

I am coming to the end of Maternity Leave following the birth of my daughter, our second child. When I returned the first time, I was surprised at how much had changed in the office during the 9 months I had been absent, people, strategy, projects etc. This time, I assume, there will also be some significant changes (which you don’t notice as much when you aren’t away from the office for prolonged periods). One change that I know for sure is the impact of Social Media.

I work in HR for Oxfam GB in the Trading Division. When I left (all of 9 months ago) Social Media was something that in HR we were almost actively discouraging – time wasting, against IT policy, blah blah blah. But now I am asked to lead a project on how we can best use Social Media in HR and across the Division.

I am lucky (or unlucky, depending on your point of view) enough to be married to a bit of a Social Recruiting expert who is leading a Track at the forthcoming Tru London. (james Mayes.)  He has long been a champion of these events, praising the benefit he has gained and the untraditional format.

So with both of these things in mind, what am I looking at gaining from this event? So far this is what I hope I can get:
• How has social media changed the ways some organisations recruit paid staff
• Can we use social media to effectively recruit volunteers and can this been done from a very local level
• How have other organisations improved staff and customer engagement via the use of Social Media
• In practical terms how do you trust your staff/volunteers with social media in the workplace.

On a more personal level I would like a better understanding of Social Media in general and a chance to be in a working environment again. Really looking forward to the event and huge thank you to Bill for organising.

Thanks again Beth for sharing your agenda. if anyone feels they can help on these points, and I know many of you can, please start sharing your thoughts and contacts in the comments below.

Thanks for being an ambassador Beth, and for all the work Oxfam do,


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  2. Ashford Kent Oxfam Shop. This has gone downhill rapidly since James Banks left the shop. It was the best charity shop in town and is now the worst! disappointing all its regular shoppers and contributors!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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