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The #Gradjobseeker and Social Media – @MartinEdmondson

Martin Edmondson lives his life helping graduates find work and companies hire graduates through his job board and community at yorkshire grads. The team have won awards and the service innovative. Martin and his team will be leading tracks on Graduate Recruiting in 2011 and effective internships at #trulondon. On 17’th Feb, Martin will be joined by a group of students graduating this year, who will discuss their real experiences trying to complete their studys and land a job in the current climate. It promises to be an interesting topic, and strangely novel, students talking to employers and recruiters about what they really need. This is Martins thoughts on graduates and social job-hunting and a recent initiative he has recently launched.

Whilst looking on Twitter the other day I noticed that @Jackkbarton had posted a tweet looking for some graduates, and speculatively added the hashtag #gradjobseeker. This got me thinking about a whole bunch of questions relating to graduates and Twitter/Social Media.


How can grads stand out using social media?

How can we use social media to attract the best grads?

Which social media channels are the most effective? ie LinkedIn is based on experience.
Which social media channels are geared towards graduates at the moment?

These questions largely emerge because the bulk of work-related social media discourse seems, understandably, to be driven by people with experience and in work. This puts grads at a distinct disadvantage that parallels the real-life job hunting experience. In particular this is the case on a site like Linked-In that is entirely geared towards demonstrating your experience, and being an informed (by experience) commentator on the various discussions. The ability for graduates to access conversation and networks on twitter has a lower ‘barrier of entry’, but it will still take a lot of time for an individual graduate to build the credibility to gain enough followers to have wide-ranging reach and network.
This is where #gradjobseeker seemed to have both immediate value as a way for grads to quickly flag themselves up, and for employers to spot them. It also serves as a wider reminder that different job seeking communities need ways of specifically attracting attention on social media. This is why ideas like #hirefriday are also valuable.
As such this will also now form the core of a track at the upcoming #TRULondon, at which we can examine these questions in more detail. We can also see if #gradjobseeker has been a viral success or twitter flop lost in the noise. Either way the overall discussion remains useful and valid for graduates, employers and recruiters.

Quality applications?
How can we help graduates make a great application?

Do graduates have to be innovative in their approach to land that dream job?

Can skills & personality override experience? What key things should they be doing in this tough climate?

Graduates Yorkshire named Best Regional job Board at the NORA's

I’m looking forward to joining this discussion and hearing first hand the thoughts of recruiters and graduates on the best way to fix the process for the benefit of everyone. Not to be missed!

Thanks Martin for being an ambassador. looking forward to the conversation.


Graduates Yorkshire

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