#trulondon update and 40 reasons you need a ticket

We are now 4 weeks away from #trulondon and plans are coming together for both the unconference and the accompanying #trumasterclass. There are 21 tickets left for #trulondon and 41 for the masterclass.

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Great track-leaders have been confirmed including:

China Gorman – the former Global C.O.O. of SHRM. China will be leading a masterclass session on global HR trends and diversity, as well as tracks on the role of HR globally and social HR, how HR teams are communicating with organisations.
Matt Alder – the futurologist and founder of Metashift. Matt will be delivering a masterclass on Employer Branding with a new take on the topic and will be leading a track on the future of recruiting. Ideal for the futurologist!
Laurie Ruettimann – The Cynical Girl who needs no introduction. Laurie will be enlisting the help of some friends and delivering a challenging masterclass on the future of HR. Laurie will also be leading tracks on developing an engaged blog audience and HR2020.

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Paul Harrison – Carve Consulting – Pau’s  masterclass will address the area of how third-party recruiters are developing corporate brand through social media and will be leading tracks on the live lab and social listening/monitoring.
John Sumser – Industry stalwart and commentator Sumser will be leading a masterclass on HR technology trends and standing room only tracks on Anti-Social recruiting (with an explosive view on the use of social-media in the recruiting process and as the publisher of the top 25 influencers lists, on-line influence.
Andy Headworth – Sirona Says – Andy will be leading tracks for new bloggers and experienced bloggers, sharing great tips and experiences, as well as his view on where social recruiting integrates with traditional recruiting.
Kevin Wheeler – Kevin is the godfather of recruiting and a highly respected industry figure. He will be leading a masterclass on the future of talent and will be leading tracks on how companies are developing communication and the latest in recruiter thinking from around the globe.

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Colin Minto – G4S – Colin has recently embarked on an ambitious global project to bring all sourcing technology around the world through one hub. Colin will be sharing his experiences (and lessons) in the G4S case study. Colin will be joined by Resourcing and Community Exec, Matt Burney.
Glen Cathey – The Boolean Black Belt – Glen is a master sourcer and practicing recruiter, best known for his blog, which gets more visits from London than anywhere else. Glen will be leading a masterclass on sourcing for talent and tracks on JIT sourcing v Talent Pool as well as the sourcing techniques.
Johnny Campbell – Johnny is a hands on recruiter from Ireland who is using social recruiting on a daily basis, from Linked In to You Tube. johnny has been using Facebook as a recruiting channel longer than most and he will be sharing his take in the Facing Up track.
Greg Savage – Greg has been around the industry for a long time. long enough to have built (and sold) two global recruiting brands. Greg will be delivering a masterclass presentation  on recruiter Skills 2011 and track leading the future of recruiting and old school v new kool.


Jon Ingham – Author, speaker and networker Jon Ingham will be delivering a masterclass session on how HR can focus on teams and groups, and how organisations interact.

Dave Martin – Dave is the founder of All The Top Bananas, one of the UK’s leading businesses in the mobile recruiting sector. Dave will be talking all things mobile in the going mobile track, and will give you the opportunity to get hands on with the new devices and applications.
Craig Fisher – Better known as @fishdogs, Craig was a much talked about trackleader from last year. He is a practicing recruiter, trainer and a genuine social-media expert. Craig will be delivering a masterclass on location-based sourcing, with particular reference to four-square and other applications and leading tracks on cool tools and community building, relating his experience of building the #TNL community in Dallas.
Andy Hyatt –  Head of Digital – Bernard Hodes. Andy is new to #tru and is a welcome addition to the team. Andy has worked both agency and client side within the digital media space. Andy will be leading tracks on career site developments and attracting talent through digital marketing.

Alison McCue – Hard Rock Cafe – Alison is the Regional Training Director for Hard Rock. Hard Rock have a distinct culture built on real customer service, values and people. Alison will be delivering a masterclass on recruiting rock stars, exploring how Hard Rock recruit to culture, and will be running The School Of Hard Rocks track, exploring the part company history and values plays in people culture, and how this is communicated to new starters.


Geoff Webb – Geoff is a veteran of #tru, popular track leader and speaker. Geoff is a master sourcer. A real expert in locating talent.Geoff will be leading a masterclass on social sourcing and tracks on talent sourcing and video in recruiting.
James Mayes – James is the founder of TweetJobs, coming to technology after a career in recruiting. James will be leading a track on using twitter to source and engage with the best talent.
Sarah White -Renowned  blogger Sarah White is the author of ImSoSarah and an experienced HR and Recruiting technology strategist. Sarah attends all of the technology events in the US and is right up to date with all the latest developments in technology.Sarah will be leading tracks on integrating new technologies and HR technology strategy.
Mark Lennard. Mark is the co-founder of third-party recruiter sales tool My Resourcer. Mark looks at technology for lead generation rather than candidate generation and will run the popular track “sales through technology.”
Irina Sharmaeva-Irina is the founder of Boolean Strings Network on linked in and talent sourcing consultancy Braingain Consulting.Irina will be part of the sourcing booth,demonstrating search techniques one – to – one against your current requirements. The sourcing booth will be running throughout #trulondon. Bring your searches and book a time in the booth.Learn from some of the best.
Mark Williams – Mark is Mr.Linked In,a certified Linked In trainer and in demand expert. Mark will be leading the Linked In track focussing on how to get the most out of the channel whatever your objective, as well as introducing some of the new Linked In developments.
Jacco Valkenburg – Jacco is one of the worlds best networkers,running huge recruiter communities on Linked In and Twitter. Jacco will be running tracks on building and maintaining Linked In groups and building communities on and off-line.
Damon Klotz – Hailing from Australia, Damon is the appropriately named HR Rockstar. He is right at the start of his career and will be hosting a track with HR other more experienced practitioners on how HR needs to change. Up start or radical thinker?
Charlie Duff– Editor of HR Zone. Charlie will be running a track on the skills gap, based on research and contributions from the HR Zone community, Join the conversation on how to fix the skills gap.

Bruce Morton – Bruce is an RPO expert, with a focus on Asia, APAC and EMEA and other emerging markets. Bruce will be delivering tracks on evolving Asia and RPO integration. Bruce has global experience as Executive Director for Allegistalent2 and is a regular speaker on how talent acquisition in these areas.

Rob VanElburg – Rob is a founding partner of relocation specialists Rave recruitment and in-house recruiter/headhunter in the EMEA region for global business intelligence company Qliktek. Rob will be leading a track on locating, recruiting and relocating technical staff.
Felix Wetzel. Felix is the Marketing Director of #trulondon lead sponsors Jobsite, blogger and industry commentator. felix will be featuring Jobsite research in the Jobboard 2020 track.

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Arie Ball – Arie is the VP for Talent Acquisition at US giant Sodexo, and was responsible for creating a remote talent attraction team that has achieved fantastic results through social recruiting. Arie shared the story at #truManchester and is back to tell the story and share hard data and lessons learnt in the Sodexo track.

Marc Drees– Mark hails from the Netherlands and is a respected blogger in Mainland Europe. (if you can read Dutch!) Marc has conducted extensive research in to the candidate experience and will be leading a track on the interface between candidate experience and technical process. Marc launched RecruitmentLab (online assessments for online recruitment website quality in 2008) and  co-founded Kangarooster (job board) and Digitaal-werven (researching jobsections of corporate sites).

Jorgen Sundberg – Jorgen is the co-founder of Link Humans and The london social-Media club. he is a popular blogger through his blog “The undercover recruiter” and has worked in both recruiting and branding in the UK, US, germany and Sweden as a Director of a leading global recruiters. Jorgen will be leading a track on The Personal Brand, and will be joined by business partner Laurent Brouat who will bring the French perspective.

Michelle Rea – Michelle is the founder of Social Honesty, set up to support the growth of social recruiting in Scandinavia and the host of #truStockholm on March 9’th/10’th. michelle will be leading a track on talent attraction in Scandinavia with a particular reference to the impact of mobile.

Kenneth & Kevin Izevbigie, Wendy Jacob and others – Wendy is responsible for the employability department at Middlesex University and will be assisting final year  students Kevin, Kenneth and others in sharing the real difficulties they have with going through the graduate recruitment process while balancing critical final year studies and course work. Great opportunity for anyone involved in recruiting graduates to get feedback from the horse’s mouth. (Due to exam commitments, this track will run thursday afternoon only.)

Michael Long. Michael is best known as The Red Recruiter. He is responsible for global talent branding for Rackspace. Michael will be sharing the Rackspace story including some transformational practices during the case studys masterclass session and the Rackspace track at #trulondon.

Steve Ward – Steve is the founder of specialist social-media recruiters Cloud Nine. Steve will be leading a track on social media for recruiters, sharing the story of Cloud Nine, and how smaller recruiters can compete by being active in social channels.

Steve Smith – Steve is partner in Human Capital Management communications specialists Starr-Tincup. Steve will be leading a track on managing internal communications through technology, as well as sharing some of the technology thinking from the US.

Lis Wilson – Lis is the founder of on-line recruiter HRConnexions. Liz started the flat fee recruiting debate at #trumanchester that attracted plenty of attention, and will be continuing the conversation in the New model army track, looking at the new models for recruiting that are evolving.

Martin Edmondson – Martin is the founder and C.E.O. of award-winning graduate recruitment community Graduates Yorkshire. Martin has built a fantastic regional community on and off-line and will be leading tracks on community building and students and social media.

Lucian Tarnowski. Lucian is the founder of Brave New Talent and a well-known commentator on global issues through One Young World. Lucian will be leading a track on education and employment, adding a controversial take on what universities and business should be doing to work together.

Last but not least: Theo – TheHRD. The identity of Theo is a closely guarded secret. What Theo will be talking about is equally secret. What I can share is that it will be around the HR space and it will be well worth taking part.

That is a fantastic line up that covers all aspects of Recruiting, HR, technology and Digital Media. The track leaders come from 13 different countries and 3 continents, one of the most global Recruiting/HR line ups ever assembled. I’m counting down the days and hope you can join us!


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