Finding the right LinkedIn groups #in

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I’ve been having a clear out of the LinkedIn groups I belong to today. Theres a few I joined a while ago that are either inactive or have become irrelevant. While looking at the groups I belong to, I found a function that is fantastic for finding groups you should be looking at. It may have been around forever, but it’s a new one on me, and a feature I wanted to share with you as soon as I saw it.
Under the Groups tab, 2’nd heading down is “Groups You May Like.” Based on your profile, LinkedIn suggests groups that are similar to the ones you belong to or match your profile. Clicking on this, you get a list of groups 10 to a page. for each group listed you can see the logo, the group description,

Photo creds: LinkedIn

number of members and the manager. I found quite a few groups I didn’t know that I have applied to join and the relevance of the suggestions were right on the money. The list isn’t alphabetical so there is some matching behind the scenes to find the right groups for you, and location clearly features in the choice.
If you network as I do, there’s a real benefit to belonging to the full 50 groups allowed. choose your groups according to your target audience or area of interest, content and activity once you get granted membership. You should weed some out often if they are not meeting your needs. I think it is worth joining at least 10 of the larger groups in your target area, as this will increase suggested connections in your target area. people also tend to be very willing to connect with people they share a group with.
Once you’re in a group, you can see all the members sorted by relevance. It’s worth asking the group manager to connect as they are usually connected with most of the members, increasing your second level connections. Running through the members list, you can see all the activity in the group from individual members. This makes it easy to pick up discussion points. if you’re not ready to request a connection at this stage, (or you don’t network this way,) you can choose to follow individual members of interest. This means you get notified of all there updates without a connection. it’s a kind of warm stalking. taking an interest and checking them out before committing to a full connection.
What do you find the most useful functions on LinkedIn groups?

The dynamic in groups is definitely changing and I ‘d love to hear what works for you.

Keep being ambassadors,


2 comments on “Finding the right LinkedIn groups #in

  1. Bill, this is an excellent discussion of groups. Your suggestion of connecting with the owner is excellent.

    I tend to find the most useful parts of most groups the discussions. As an active candidate, for those groups where people do post jobs that are relevant to me, those are actually more useful, generally.

    I wish that rather than the free-text nature of the job postings that everyone understood including geographic region on a global website is terribly important. Sorting through geographically-relevant/irrelevant postings consumes more time than it really requires in some of the active groups, I find.

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