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What is MyResourcer? #trulondon

I’ve been asked just what #trulondon sponsor “MyResourcer” actually do, and why I recommend them to recruitment businesses. What you might be thinking is that is that this is another application for candidate or CV identification or social job postings, it’s not. There are plenty of those doing the rounds.
What is different about MyResourcer is that it is built for third-party recruiters with a sales focus.
The way it works is linking your sales database with the target companies corporate site. All you need to feed in to MyResourcer is the e-mail addresses or websites  and the application will search, find and bookmark the career site. As soon as a new job is added to the site, or any of the existing ones change, the recruiter gets a notification through the “retriever” function. (note the dog theme!)
It’s an unique product. I have looked and used similar ones before, but there’s a few things that make that make MyResourcer really work for me.

1: It’s based on your data and you only need to input website or e-mail addresses. MyResourcer searches and build the list.

2; The alerts are current. You only get alerted once or when a job changes. The difficulty I have had in the past with similar products is that the data has either been old/filled making it poor sales data.
3: The watchdog function means that you can filter the leads that come back to you by key-word and relevance.
4: The site navigation and tech is simple. If I can use it without breaking it, anyone can!

I wish this product was around when I was having to decide who to call on a daily basis once the obvious call backs ran out. This gives you:
1: The opportunity to introduce a candidate through a spec call.
2: The all crucial reason to call
3: Relevent and current leads, filtered by you because they match your sector.
4: Enables easy research and preparation before picking the phone up.

5: History search means you can go back in time to find companies that match candidates, even when they are not recruiting.

Thats got to make your sales life easier and remove the first barriers to selling:

1: Who am I going to call?

2: What am I going to be selling?

You can sign up for a free trial HERE. I recommend that all recruiters take a look!


My Resourcer . Com

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