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New application for #Socialrecruiting: Weedle Skills Pages

I just got introduced to Weedle skill pages  via Facebook and it looks like a great application. Certainly if the growth of Branch Out is anything to go by, as the skills pages get populated it is going to be useful for locating people by skills.
The concept is simple and sign up takes 5 minutes. You can connect with Facebook or Linked In, transferring your career details without needing to fill a form in. I think this type of social sign that negates the need to complete lengthy forms, duplicating detail you have elsewhere will become essential for all career/networking sites.
You complete 3 fields on registration:

1: A description of what you do as someone would search for it on Google.

2: Tags to associate with your profile.

3: What you are looking for.e:g: A job, new sales etc.

You then get to see your profile taken from linked In or Facebook as others would see it, and can edit or change anything you want.
That is pretty much it. You get a list of names you already know (from your linked In) and Facebook connections) that you can connect with on Weedle or import contacts from your other social and e-mail places, as well as announcing your presence via a wall post or a share. I’ve already started getting some new connections as well as connecting with a few old ones. It’s well worth a look!


Sign Up For Weedle Skills Pages

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