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What are @LRuettimann and @TheHRD talking about? #trulondon

Cynical Girl: Laurie Ruettimann

Theo and Laurie have been cooking up an explosive track about the role of recruiters from an HR perspective. Both Laurie and Theo have forthrite views, and are not known for sitting on the fence. Expect an open exchange and a great conversation.
come early, this will be standing room only!

“Ruettimann and Theo @THEHRD will take the position that recruitment professionals are not strategic. Agency recruiters are absolutely not strategic. Recruitment is a reactionary business function and should be classified as operational and administrative.

The strategic direction of an organisation is set by others and the recruiter’s purpose is to put in place the process that fulfills their requirements.
Recruiters can strategically source for candidates, but the function of recruiting is just a part of standard operating procedures at most companies.
Learning objectives:

Ask HR professionals, corporate recruiters, and agency professionals to defend what they do for a living.

Theo - TheHRD


Ensure that recruiters/HR professionals truly understand the concept of strategy.

Ask recruiters to explain how the function of recruiting strategic and relevant within their organizations.
Ask recruiters to explain how recruiting fits into broader strategic plans for an organization.

The challenge is simple: HR and recruiting professionals must convince us that they are strategic and necessary within an organization. If they can’t convince us, they can’t do it with CFOs and CEOs.”

You wouldn’t want to miss this one. start the conversation NOW with your comments.


One comment on “What are @LRuettimann and @TheHRD talking about? #trulondon

  1. Hey Bill this looks great! So sorry I can’t get along to your event I am very much enjoying seeing it come to life. Lots of hard work I bet? Well done so far šŸ™‚

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