The G4S #socialrecruiting case study for #trulondon

This is the first of the case studys/papers presented in advance of the masterclass and case study tracks at #trulondon. The masterclass on the 16’th Feb will see each presenter deliver answers to 3 questions taken from the comments section here on this blog. If you want to know more about any aspect of this case study, please leave a comment. the case study is presented by Colin Minto – Head of resourcing (Global) and Matt Burney – Resourcing and Community Exec.

This comprises a brief outline of the global career centre project instigated by G4S plc in July 2010.
The project comprised launching and implementing a global first, which was to integrate multiple applicant tracking technologies into a single unified Global Career Centre which also offered community functionality, intelligent search and matching tools, job seeker resources and content aggregation across a broad range of social media channels.


Colin Minto

“We are extremely proud of the solution we have built and are delivering a world-class service to candidates looking to join G4S. We are also confident we now offer our hiring managers an unrivalled end to end suite of recruiting technology to attract the very best people from the widest possible internal and external audiences.”
– Colin Minto, Head of Resourcing – G4S Plc 
“We are all extremely excited about giving the company the opportunity to understand its global internal and external talent communities better and to realise the goal of creating engaged candidate pipelines to achieve our Best People objectives”
– Andy Hanscomb, Director of HR and Resourcing – G4S Plc

Matt Burney

“It is incredible what we have achieved in a relatively short period, G4S has gone from minimal social media engagement to building a class leading social recruiting platform”
– Matt Burney, Resourcing and Community Executive – G4S Plc
Case Study – G4S Careers 

Company profile
From risk assessment to delivery, we work in partnership with governments, businesses and other organisations to provide integrated solutions to security challenges.
Our heritage goes back over a century and, with more than 620,000 employees, we are the second largest private employer in the world.
We protect rock stars and sports stars, people and property, including some of the world’s most important buildings and events.
From advising on stadium building plans to crowd control and ensuring event tickets are not forged;
From delivering pay packets to ensuring ATMs have enough cash to meet your shopping needs;
From delivering cash to bank branches and retail outlets to managing the flow of cash for central banks and major retailers;
From ensuring travellers have a safe and pleasant experience in ports and airports around the world to secure detention and escorting of people who are not lawfully entitled to remain in a country;
In more ways than you might realise, G4S is securing your world.
Business situation
G4S currently employs over 620,000 people worldwide in a variety of roles from frontline operational staff to government security advisors and globally recognised executives.
The company has an annual voluntary turnover rate of approximately 27% and therefore, in terms of volume, a large resourcing requirement. The business units have a heavy reliance on the actions of local recruiters and hiring managers to ensure candidates are recruited quickly, effectively and dealt with appropriately and a historic dependency on third-party recruitment organisations.
As a decentralised business operating over 130 local career sites, it became challenging to understand global recruiting practices, including what technology was being used or required in each location.
Candidate experience varied greatly from using an advanced applicant tracking solution right though to offering a telephone number to call for information about local vacancies.
In 2009 a comprehensive Employer Brand project was concluded which clearly defined G4S’s Employer Brand and Employee Value Proposition. We wanted to articulate and disseminate the key messages to the widest possible global audiences.
Our internal systems for databasing talent and identifying and communicating with candidates were again disparate, so we needed to devise and implement a system where job seekers could receive the best and most consistent candidate experience, continually engage with our hiring manager community and be effectively databased and matched to suitable opportunities. We also needed to ensure our hiring managers could search for suitable candidates when roles presented themselves and have the system actively suggest candidates based on matching job specifications to candidate profiles.
Candidates had little or no interaction with the business through social media primarily due to internal sensitivities surrounding social channels and enabling candidates to express their thoughts about the company either externally or internally. As a large business working in high risk and high-profile situations we have been subject to negative statements by the public on occasion.
Technical situation
G4S’s devolved approach to managing the business from the ground, which includes recruitment decision-making to offer a level of autonomy to local hiring and HR managers, has led to a number of ATS and HRMS systems being used to acquire, track, process and manage candidates. On an initial investigation of the global scale of the technology situation we identified 8 core ATS providers in the business worldwide.
We needed to ensure the needs of local hiring managers and HR were met and that we did not interfere with any existing relationships with technology providers or impose a new solution on managers who would not want it. In effect Group Resourcing had to act as an advisory body or consultancy to work with technology providers and users to ensure the best possible solution was delivered.
Due to the vast number of entry points for candidates to apply for roles and the disparate processing experience we provided in general, it was clear that we needed to implement a global aggregating solution, incorporating multiple local solutions to create a consistent job seeker and hiring manager experience, whilst at the same time enabling us to continue utilising multiple local technologies and receive the benefit of centralising job and candidate content into single, fully searchable, multi lingual and intelligent databases.
The challenge was to develop a system that allowed incumbent technology to work seamlessly with a new job display platform and to develop a solution which effectively stored candidate details and provided hiring managers with a clear, effective and automated tool for finding talent.
Initially we needed to understand the complexities of the current ATS systems globally and use them as a baseline for building an integration API. We initially worked with RecruitActive and Monster TMS to dig deep into how their systems worked and behaved in a multitude of hiring situations and what they delivered to hiring managers and how they could interact with a single technology.
We engaged Talent on View to provide their TribePad technology as the backbone of the site. TribePad helps organisation’s build corporate social networks and online communities and provides social solutions in the areas of talent management, marketing and customer service. Their experience in the employment and “Welfare to Work” sectors of building recruiting communities meant they were uniquely placed to deliver the project.
Kaonix joined the process to provide their experience and advanced applications of the Burning Glass parsing and matching technologies to effectively automate the matching of candidates to recently posted jobs and suitable jobs to recently registered candidates.
The final addition was our job seeker resources section to provide users with professional support and advice on key issues such as writing CV’s, preparing for interviews and getting to know the interviewer, plus downloadable self-help guides and CV templates. Abintegro were chosen to provide a range of video, audio and text-based knowledge and learning to ensure job seekers received added value in return for their time invested in registering with and engaging with the career centre
Working across 4 core technologies (TribePad, Kaonix, RecruitActive and Monster) and delivering a truly engaging candidate experience presented a huge technical challenge however we delivered the site in a remarkable 14 weeks.
The first 36 hours of the site being live saw over 22,000 candidates register with 400 applications being made.
Externally we turned on our social media channels and our internal forum discussions. The G4SCareers Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn channels launched along with our candidate forum “Viewpoint”.
G4S now has the ability to provide a consistent, local language and enriched candidate experience to the widest possible global internal and external audiences to ensure it attracts the very best people into the organisation and creates vibrant communities of internal and external talented people.
Each user has their own profile and the ability to connect with their peers globally as well as a truly inclusive and joined up method of finding the next step in their career with G4S or their first role.
Our talent pools / communities are now very effectively databased and are searchable by any hiring manager in any part of G4S globally. When jobs are posted to the site candidates are instantly matched and scored against jobs that fit their skills and experience. This allows for a far quicker and more effective hiring process and a single point of access through which to view, assess and manage candidate flow.
In addition the platform allows us to integrate with any hiring technology implemented in any G4S territory. We have already proven the site works seamlessly with multiple Applicant Tracking Systems and have a clear process to integrate any future technologies used within the business.
Companies involved in delivering the solution
Talent On View – Community Platform
Kaonix – Parsing and Matching
RecruitActive – Applicant Tracking Solution
Monster TMS – Applicant Tracking Solution
Abintegro – Candidate Support Content
Carve Consulting – Social Media Monitoring
Net natives – Facebook Presence
WJP Floyd – Design Support
Project Team G4S
Colin Minto – Head of Resourcing
Matt Burney – Resourcing and Community Executive
Andy Hanscomb – Director of HR and Resourcing
Project Team External
Lisa Scales – Director – Talent On View
Dean Sadler – Director / Technical Lead – Talent On View
Stuart Mockford – Managing Director – Kaonix
Don McIntosh – Director – Recruit Active
Alex Price – Regional Sales Manager – Monster
David Heard – Commercial Director – Abintegro
Paul Harrison – Managing Partner – Carve Consulting
Steve Evans – Managing Director – NetNatives
Joe Rodgers – Managing Director – WJP Floyd

Whilst it is early days for this ambitious project, it is a massive undertaking to get past the starting line and go live. I’m really looking forward to hearing the story in the Master class on the 16’th and the G$S track on the 17’th Feb at #trulondon. Hope you can join us.

Thanks Colin for sharing, don’t forget to leave your questions in comments,


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  1. Excellent post. I appropriate your working style. Thanks!

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  4. thanks for the post, we are looking to upgrade are system at work so this really helped

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