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Case Study: Classic Cottages use video for selection #socialrecruiting


pic creds: devonandcornwallfilm.com

I posted earlier this week on the changing face of candidate selection, and how video was playing it’s part. the guys from Ovia sent me over this video case study that shows where video selection fits in to the recruiting process and changes.
It is a bit of a product plug (understandable) with some canned guitar background music. (I’d rather just hear people talking.) What it does demonstrate however, is that using pre-recorded video in selection does change decision-making and impact on process. It was also interesting to hear about the candidate experience from the succesful candidate, Anthony Skitt.
What this does show is:

1: Video selection is not just for techies or marketing folk. This is for MD of what can only be described as a traditional business, renting cottages in the South West of England.
2; Video selection does not need to be about gimmicks and fun (although this works well in some campaigns.)
3: Video is not just for Gen Y. You can see that the succesful candidate is far from that bracket.


I still struggle with the term video interview. An interview for me is 2 way and interactive. Unless you are using Skype or another 2 way broadcast channel to replace either a telephone or selection interview, I see this as a second stage of the selection process over who to interview.
In this case the Classic Cottages  generated candidates from traditional sources, selected who was interesting on paper and sent out a video invite with pre-recorded questions. what is interesting is the comments from the then MD Simon Tregoning on how the video answers to his prerecorded questions gave him a different view of the candidates he had selected on paper, including some from their answers , that he might otherwise rejected. Simon also thinks that he got a much better feel for the candidates from seeing their answers on video against the traditional CV selection method, with no time wasted interviewing candidates that didn’t fit.
I’m currently working on a project integrating video in to the recruiting process for a hospitality brand. In this case we will be trialing using video at response stage, with a CV/resume attached. By seeing the video response to questions first before looking at the technical skills and experience, and basing the questions around the culture sought, real ambitions and objectives and values. We will select which C.V.’s/resumes to look at based on the answers, selecting person fit before skills and experience fit. Video definitely helps in this process.

What are your thoughts on using video in the selection process? What are your concerns or reservations and what difference do you think this would make?
I welcome your views and feedback.

Classic Cottages


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