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#Trulondon thinking: How to break stuff – Conference edition

 There’s nothing I enjoy more than breaking the rules and breaking process moving from the established norm. At conferences and unconferences like #trulondon, I like to listen to what people are doing and saying, and thinking how we can break the process and do it differently. I arrived at the #trulondon unconference format, inspired […]

#trulondon thinking: Location,location,location; Jobboard Futures

Jobsite are fantastic partners and friends to #trulondon, having backed us from the begining, long before we had any real following or could offer a real return. I first met the founder @KeithPotts on twitter and we exchanged tweets. It’s a real social media success story. When we were planning #trulondon2, Keith introduced me to […]

My #trulondon thinking and the #trugrad program

Wow! #trulondon is now over, at least the in person part. The last curry has been eaten, pint drunk, Meet me-me card exchanged (thanks PinstripeTalent) and conversation had.I have quite a few posts lined up on my learning points, but the one I want to start with governs graduates and graduate recruiting. Before #trulondon, I […]

#trulondon masterclass: @AlexGCharles – Broadbean

The rich melting pot of sourcing and the future role of Talent Pools As candidate sourcing channels proliferate, a blended approach is the only viable solution. When asked the best place to find IT candidates – there can only be one answer: It depends on the role. You only need to consider the gulf in […]

The #trulondon schedule

After lots of drafts, this is the schedule for #trulondon, track by track, day by day. You can get the full schedule with more detail on the mobile site currently being built by Dave Martin of Allthetopbananas. There is 2 days end to end tracks. It’s going to be a blast! Thursday 17/02/11 9.30 – […]

#trulondon Masterclass Schedule – 16’th Feb

I have finalised the list of speakers and topics for Wednesday’s Masterclass, and it’s a fantastic mix. The masterclass is designed for those who like a bit more structure in their learning, without the constraints of the usual conference. We will be running 2 tracks of 45 minutes throughout the day. Each speaker can use […]

Paid Social-media Internship with @CarveConsulting

I spotted this post for a paid intern in the stream this morning that i wanted to share with you in case you know anyone suitable. Theres a few things that stand out about this post that makes it worth a serious look. Firstly, it’s working with Paul Harrison from Carve Consulting. I have a […]

Get your Meet Me-Me Cards Free By Thursday from @PinstripeTalent #TruLondon

If you follow #tru events, you will know that one of the rules is that we don’t do name badges. the reasoning behind this is quite simple. I’m a believer that when you see someone for the first time, you should introduce yourself and say hi rather than staring at their chest, and trying to […]

#Tru kommer till Stockholm!

Tack vare Michelle Rea på Social Honesty och sponsorn #Tru är en såkallad ”unconferences” för dig med intresse för HR, rekrytering, teknik och employeer branding. Vad är en unconference? En unconference är ett event som bygger på konversation mellan deltagarna. Man väljer ett ämne som intresserar en och sedan deltar man aktivit i diskussionen. […]

From @KWheeler; What do you want to talk about? #trulondon

Kevin Wheeler can speak on most things HR, recruiting or Technology. Rather than decide on what tracks to give to Kevin, we thought it would be better for you to decide rather than choose for you. Take part in the poll to choose Kevin’s track and Masterclass topic. The 2 with the most votes will […]