#Lumesse. The part bloggers play in branding #truDublin

One of the big recruiting story’s over the last few weeks has to be the rebrand of talent management business Stepstone, who became Lumesse over the last week. Hopefully you only rebrand once, so when you do it has to be big, and when your customers and employees are spread across the world, it has to be global.
Theres a great opportunity for exposure,but at the same time there’s plenty of risk in change.While the short-term noise surrounding a rebrand is significant, people ultimately do not like change. Changing the look and feel of technology people are familiar with creates discomfort, which is why communication and listening to feedback as it happens is critical. Using the social channels to spread the word, engage and more importantly listen, can make this possible and enhance the change process.
Interestingly, Lumesse are looking to bloggers (me included) in every country they operate to carry their message and monitor feedback. It is perhaps indicative of the way those that are active in the social channels are recognised as being important message carriers in targeted sectors.Lumesse recognise that their story is going to be told and commented on, better tobe part of the conversation by giving access to the company and their products. I think this move is to be applauded, and demonstrates the part bloggers, and those active in social channels play in branding. While it might not be good news for the P.R. companies, it is clear that influence is seen as a little more than a Klout score.
I’m delighted to announce that Lumesse will be joining us in #truDublin on the 25’th May to talk rebranding. This will be a great opportunity to understand the rebranding process, lumesse in particular, as well as other areas of global talent management.

This is a fun look at how Lumesse came up with the new name and brand, featuring BrandMan!

To further build Lumesse’s presence in the social channels, they are appointing a Social Media and Community Manager in the UK. If you’d like more information on what looks like a great opportunity, send me a message and I will pass on your details.

What do you think of the way Lumesse are managing the rebrand? What do you want to hear about and ask? Pose a question and I will get you a video answer for next week.






This is a sponsored post part of the Lumesse Blogathon www.lumesse.com

3 comments on “#Lumesse. The part bloggers play in branding #truDublin

  1. `Blogger Outreach` is it has become commonly known, has been a key social media marketing activity for some time now.
    It is a portion of Word-of-Mouth marketing that has been escalated with the rise of the blogger and the social media space in which they exist.
    Influential people making a noise about a brand (positive or negative) helps generate conversation, and as you mention – thus opinion.

    It doesn’t happen enough in the recruitment industry – more businesses creating new product/service in the industry (The IOR, Staffbay, etc) should have used more of this tactic – and I have advised them so.

    Good to see Lumesse take it on board. Look forward to seeing them at #truDublin

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  3. Social Brand Guru Man – Love it ! Very amusing. Looking forward to attending #truDublin this week and sharing the 11 month gestation period for this baby!! No vendor talk, just sharing learnings from this big change management project and our experiences on employee engagement.

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