#TruLeeds – tracks and trackleaders – 23’rd – 24’th June

With just over a week to go to #truLeeds, I’ve crowd sourced the issues that are on everyone’s minds in the people space in order to identify the tracks to include in the agenda. Once again I’m overwhelmed by the quality of track leaders who have bought tickets and put themselves forward to host conversations. If you have never been to a #tru event before, the format is to run at least 3 tracks each hour. The trackleader starts the conversation, then it goes where it goes. All participants are actively encouraged to move between tracks during the hour, to get everything they want from the day. If there’s nothing on the schedule for you, start your own track, theres plenty of space available.

Once again i’m grateful to our supporters who always make it possible to put on a quality 2 day event for £125.00

Platinum Sponsor:Jobsite

#Tru Sponsor:Broadbean

Social Media Sponsor: SocialCruiter  

Platinum Sponsor

Mobile Sponsor:Allthetopbananas

#TruLeeds Partner: Graduates Yorkshire

The Tracks And Track Leaders:

Real Twitter Recruiting – Ivan Stojanovic -CPL

Graduate Employability – Martin Edmondson – Graduates Yorkshire

Social Footprints – Bill Fischer – The Social CV

Slaying The Social Recruiting R.O.I.B.S.-Patrick Boonstra – Maximum.NL

Techno;ogy Futures – Peter Thompson – O.P.D. Group

Going Mobile – Chris Bradshaw  – AllTheTopbananas

The Social Agency – Steve Ward – Cloud9

Case Study: What did WeightWatchers do? – James Swift – BeyondInteractive

Branding Inside Out -#Lumesse – TBA

Community Technology – Lisa Scales – Tribepad

The Real Cost Of Engagement – Bill Boorman – @BillBoorman

Moving To The Clouds -Wayne Barclay – BarclayJones

Spectacular S.E.O.- Dave Martin -AllTheTopBananas

Recruiting Technology – Mark Kieve – Amris

Candidate Experience – Mervyn Dinnen – Jobsite

The E,A, Community Case Study – Matthew Jeffery -Autodesk

Mobile Website Sponsor

Boolean Strings And Facebook – Martin Lee – U Recruitment

Referral Recruiting – Michelle Rea – Social Honesty

The Graduate Questions – Rhiannon Hughes – Graduates Yorkshire

Expose Yourself , How To Win Business From Social- Lisa Jones

Future Job Board – Shaun Wiese – Broadbean

LinkingIn – Mr.LinkedIn -Mark Williams – E.T.N. Training

The Rejection Business – James Mayes -Brave New Talent

Compelling Content – Martin Couzins

Every Picture Tells A Story -Oscar Mager – Recruiting Essentials

Graduate Employer Brand – Max Heywood – Max Heywood Ltd

Secret Sourcing – Johnny Campbell -Social BPO

Games And The Dutch Army – Patrick Boonstra – Maximum NL

The Hard Rock Story -Hiring 120 Staff In 4 Weeks – Bill Boorman – @BillBoorman

Video Story – Johnny Campbell – Social BPO

Recruiting 3.0 – Matthew Jeffery – Autodesk

Thats a great line up with lots of opportunity for conversation, learning and talking about your real life opportunities.


I look forward to seeing you in Leeds,



2 comments on “#TruLeeds – tracks and trackleaders – 23’rd – 24’th June

  1. […] Lau just tweeted a question from #truLeeds asking is anyone knows how may of LinkedIn’s 100 million profiles are “active” in […]

  2. […] Lau just tweeted a question from #truLeeds asking is anyone knows how may of LinkedIn’s 100 million profiles are “active” in […]

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