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Predictive Internet Behaviours: #TruBoston Thinking #TNL Talking#ATCSource

You may remember seeing a similar post to this last week. After a technical gremlin,it disappeared quite quickly just after I hit publish, and I have had to do a full rewrite. Apologies if you read the lost post, though I have added some new content. I’m just back from #truBoston and #TNL in San […]

Employee Branded At Oracle Direct #TruRomania

I’m a big fan of employees being encouraged to create their own employer branding. When you encourage people to take the initiative, they rarely disappoint. Oracle have been taking this approach over the last 4 months, investing time in creating Facebook fan pages and other initiatives to enable brand advocacy. I’m going to blog in […]

The Apprentice Recruiter Scheme

As Lord Sugar’s hunt for an Apprentice draws to a close, recruitment firms look to tap into the benefits of a new Apprentice Recruiter Scheme, launched last month Prospectus IT Recruitment’s Managing Director Elkie Holland took a few moments to tell me about the exciting new apprenticeship scheme that was launched last month and why […]

The #TruBoston Schedule

This week sees #TruBoston. It’s great that we have been able to put together a great range of track leaders with some real stories to share. I can see some great conversations coming up with plenty of learning. The #TruBoston Tracks Wednesday 20’th July  9.30 – 10.00: Welcome and introduction/The #tru outline Track 1 – Hub […]

Guest post: @RichardLongNZ: Never Mind The Bollocks -Is this social leadership? #truBoston #Tchat

 What I like about punk music is the way it instantly levelled the music scene. In my opinion, punk’s underground music revolution that meant it was no longer about your technical musical ability – it is about attitude and message; a kind of distributed musical creativity for the disaffected. In a lot of ways, it’s […]

The Sunday Post: What Is Norton Folgate? Join The Liberty #truBoston

I’m often asked “why call your blog Norton Folgate?” and “What is Norton Folgate?”.This is the answer: Why would I call my blog Norton Folgate when it has no obvious relevance to the content I post? Norton Folgate is now a short length of street that connects Shoreditch High Street and Bishopsgate in the City […]

Google+ For Recruiters #TruBoston #SocialRecruiting

Like many of you I have signed up for Google+.The invite took a while to come through, and having had a play around with the channel for a few days, my thoughts have turned to how it could be used for recruiting.  None of these ideas are properly tested yet, so they could turn out […]

LinkedIn Messages Or Spam Sandwiches: The 3 R’s #In

I was running some LinkedIn training recently for a team of Recruiters, when the question came up about how to message effectively once possible candidates had been identified, particularly when you’re not connected. This answer to this question in my view, extends to all social channels, not just LinkedIn. It’s also important to apply the […]

Johny Campbell Is Coming To #TruBoston

You can join Johny and I, along with: Arie Ball – Sodexo Kerry Noone – Sodexo Meghan M Biro – Talent Culture Steve Levy – @LevyRecruits Bill Fischer – The Social CV Geoff Webb – @RadicalRecruit Chris Bradshaw – AllTheTopBananas Lyndsey Stanton – JSTN Art Pappas – Bullhorn Kevin Wheeler – Future Of Talent Institute […]

Guest Post: #SocialRecruiting 2.0 Embrace The Hero – @pauljacobs4real

 I called in to The Recruiting Animal show yesterday for a number of reasons. Firstly I enjoy the banter and back and forth that goes on between the guests. If you don’t take yourself too seriously, it’s great to be a caller or guest, and secondly the main guest was Dups Wijayawardhana, @Dups. Dups is […]