Are you a Manger? What your LinkedIn profile says about you.

I discovered a worrying stat when we were talking LinkedIn at #truLeeds. It is generally acknowledged that your LinkedIn profile is an important part of your on-line footprint. We talk a lot about the importance of getting your professional headline right and making it key-word rich so that you can be found. Increasingly, profiles are being used to update on-line applications. register for sites and job boards. Recruiters search for candidates by job titles and location.

LinkedIn have built a semantic engine to match and recommend candidates for jobs and jobs to candidates. New referral applications including LinkedIn’s own refer candidates based on their profile. It’s an important document for job seekers, recruiters, in fact any person who would like to be considered a professional.
With this in mind,consider the following:

There are 8,466profiles who are or were Mangers in the UK according to a simple search. (Thats Mangers not Managers.)

Are things any better in the U.S?

The result: 56,567 Mangers.

How do other countries compare:

Australia – 2,872
Canada – 3,387
New Zealand – 557
Netherlands – 1,117

It is indicative of how important people really think their profiles are, and the level of care and attention taken in writing them. There is however some consolation as UK job seekers can apply for the International Business Development Mangers job with the Investment Technology Group in London, or the PR Manger – Fashion, for the Shop Direct Group in London.
In the U.S, 15 similar Manger jobs like S.M.A. Client Manger, for Fidelity Investments in Boston, Global Operations Marketing Manger for Dell in Round Rock, Senior Programme Manger for Microsoft or General Manger, National Accounts and Government Sales for Hertz in New Jersey. The list goes on.

It does beg the question what reaction a candidate would get writing in to the likes of Microsoft to apply for the Mangers job!

Readers of this blog will know that my spelling is sometimes open to question, so I’m leaving myself a bit open with this post, however, with so many Mangers about, it really makes you question how important we take our LinkedIn profiles.

What is the biggest howler you have seen either on a LinkedIn profile or job?


7 comments on “Are you a Manger? What your LinkedIn profile says about you.

  1. Makes you wonder if you were to search to fulfill a role, should the string include (manager OR manger) The other that I see regularly is the Principle Consultant. Always nice to see an ethical recruiter (by title) – although their principle could be less savoury. Another principal error me feels.

  2. Gotta love the Sarah Palin inspired posts on LinkIn, with words like: inspirin’, managin’, performin’, leadin’ ‘n such. lol

  3. 360 degree feedback helps to find the best for you to be more effective in current roles, 360 degree feedback system.

  4. Great item. Just checked our own candidate database: 3.1% are Mangers! Then checked our website – phew – none!

  5. […] Read an interesting blog by the recruitment industry guru Bill Boorman today, entitled: Are you a Manger? What your LinkedIn profile says about you. take a look here: https://recruitingunblog.wordpress.com/2011/07/05/are-you-a-manger-what-your-linkedin-profile-says-ab… […]

  6. Quite a few Manading Directors about too! .. and amazing how many Recruiters, Recruitment Mangers and Manaders don’t know what industry they should be associated. Our own internal search systems and fuzzy logic means we hopefully don’t miss anyone* but for LI users, definitely important to get profiles showing some “atention to detial” .. as one manager wrtote..

  7. […] and “stupid predictive text” as an excuse!) … but then I read a recent post from Bill Boorman where he was asking if you were a “Manger rather than a Manager” – highlighting […]

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