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What the LinkedIn Apply For button will really mean

I’ve followed with interest the development of the “apply for” button recently launched by LinkedIn. I didn’t get quite as excited as some other commentators. The benefit is that it makes the application process quicker and simpler, by integrating the LinkedIn profile in to the process. This is not dissimilar to Social Job Match from BernardHodes (except Social Job Match also allows applications from FaceBook,).
Applications using LinkedIn profiles are restricted by the lack of ATS integration. (Once again the ATS is the Applicant Turn Off System.). As I understand it, LinkedIn profiles integrate with 5 ATS’s namely SmartRecruiters, Jobvite, Bullhorn, People Fluent and Job Science. Thats a start, but hardly conclusive. Hopefully more ATS’s will follow suit.
What I would be interested in knowing is if the data from the apply for button is used to proritise active job seekers in LinkedIn searches and job matches. Using the data in this way to identify who is most likely to be active would be a real benefit to employers.


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