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HR Rocks: In Pictures #OHSHRM

It’s been a week since the start of Ohio SHRM, HR Rocks. Steve Browne and the team put on a great show. The right blend of entertainment, fun and great sessions. Plenty of good learning and take aways, but more importantly, lots of smiles and great memories. I wonder if the C.I.P.D. have ever put […]

The World According To @williamtincup #OHSHRM

#Ohio SHRM gave me the opportunity to meet the man behind the myth behind the legend that is William Tincup. Tincup is something of a marketing legend. I’ve seen what he has done for his own brand within the HR and Recruiting space, as well as other projects, and the impact he has had in […]

Starbucks Guys Video Error

I thought this story was worth sharing. With 500k collective views, a bit of YouTube immortality.The ad’s attached to the video are for a competitor store. Not sure if it was just a rogue guy that didn’t think,or if a bit more guidance would have prevented it. He is obviously a gifted and creative guy. […]

2005: We hate HR. HR needs a flashmob @ChinaGorman #OHSHRM

I’m listening to China Gorman delivering the closing key-note to what has been an outstanding Ohio SHRM. China starts by citing a Fast Company report from 2005, which legitimized denigrating HR.This hasn’t stopped, social media has exploded it and HR professionals have listened, and even take part themselves. It’s like a feeding fest. China is […]

Rules of disruption with @MikeVandervort #OHSHRM

Next up at Ohio SHRMis my friend Mike VanDervort, talking about Social Media and why it is important to HR. Mike is using his union background to show how even cool brands like Starbucks and Apple have labor relations problems, and they are being voiced in social places. In the same way as nations have […]

Making a business case to the C-Suite #OHSHRM

Mark Stelzner is a brilliant consultant and speaker.I’m blogging live from his session at Ohio SHRM. The key message is keep it very simple. When you present a business case, the longer it is the more likely it will be ignored. Keep your writing concise, broken up with simple to understand visuals. Write the executive […]

Motivation and feedback at Ohio SHRM #OHSHRM

I’m was  listening to Simon T Bailey, the opening key-note at Ohio SHRM.He was talking about a lot of things I’ve heard and sen before from other motivational speakers, but he has a warm style and delivers the message well. Simon is talking about creativity, innovation and doing things in a different way to the […]

Situations Vacant: Crazy warlord for high paying research post. Pharmaceutical #OHISHRM

This is the fourth time I’ve written this post, to introduce the conversation I’m going to be hosting on Thursday for Ohio SHRM. Part of what I’m going to be talking about, and the questions I’m going to be asking revolve around the skills gap and employability, and how this impacts on HR thinking. I […]

Traffic Report: The Big 3 Social Channels

This is a really interesting infographic from Techvibes: I’m not going to add any more comment to this, but I thinkit does demonstrate how the channels are shaping up. Thoughts? Bill

Social South Africa #truSA

On Thursday 15’th September, at 9.00 GMT, i’m going to be running a webinar for the South African Recruiters Group on Social Recruiting. We will be running a second session at 10.00, as there is already over 180 attendees signed up. In advance of the webinar, I’ve been checking a few stats on social media […]