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Influence or Effluence? #TruSanFran #RIS11

I’m just back from the excellent Recruiting Innovation Summit at Facebook, and a very lively #truSanFran, sponsored by Bullhorn Reach and hosted by BranchOut.  I ran a track on Influence that had a few key take-aways that I think are worth sharing for consideration and further discussion. With John Sumser in attendance, you just know […]

Socially with @jennydevaughn

Jenny DeVaughn work is rubbish! not that she’s bad, but she works for Waste Management, and is hiring 1500 people. waste management is a conservative, corporate environment. Jenny talks about roadblocks., changing the “we’ve always done it this way mentality. trying to explain social to the unconverted, being evangelical without being labelled mad. It’s not always […]

The community man @JCPenney with @jason_DFW

The problem JC Penney faced, was a very different one to most businesses. People want to die with the company, and retention is excellent. this is brilliant for the employer brand, because people love the business, but not so good for creating opportunity for new blood and fresh thinking. to counter this, they offered early […]

“In god we trust, everyone else bring data” – @jobs2web

I’m listening to Doug Berg delivering his presentation “managing the apply chain.” He starts with a picture of a sign in his office. In god we trust, everyone else bring data. Following the same theme as the earlier U.P.S. presentation, Doug asks whether we really know where we are spending our recruitment money, and just […]

I’m updating my status from facebook. review of Matt Millichick’s opening session #RIS11

It’s great to be in Facebook. I know it’s just a building but i get the real feeling of innovation that seeps out of the fabric of the place. It might be my crazy imagination, but you can sense it. People want to innovate. Hats off to Dave Manaster and the team at ERE for […]

Gen Z by Gen Z Alice

Hi! Alice here. Dad asked me to do a piece about how Gen Z use social networking, the Internet, gaming, how much time I spend doing things, internet security. I thought I’d start off with collaborative gaming for a start. Usually when I play multi player games on the Internet, we all put in a […]

Bullhorn Reach Out For #TruSanFran

When I first heard about Bullhorn Reach, I questioned just how social it would be. It looked like little more than a job poster in the social channels. I watched Art Pappas, the founder of Bullhorn, explaining how the social profiles (with added SEO), and content sharing would help make recruiters social. I didn’t really […]

5 On-Line Recruiting Case Studies From @Zartis

Zartis, are part of the Cork, Ireland based web development business,Assembly Point, backed by Enterprise Ireland. The Zartis business have busy developing recruiting products that integrate with the social channels. Their recent launch integrates automated job posting to your career site, Facebook fan page, WordPress blog or site and twitter account. On the back-end they […]