My Blackberry Is Not Working

For the last 3 days my Blackberry has been off-line. No internet, no twitter, no 4square. It is only now that I have come to realise how dependent I am on mobile internet. sorry to say that I have been a bit lost without it. What I have realised however is that none of the messages are actually urgent. I haven’t lost any opportunities. The world hasn’t come to an end, and once I’ve had the opportunity to log in again from a base station, it has only taken 15 minutes to deal with it all. I’m sure I spend at least 5 times the time dealing with things on the mobile, on the go

. Makes me wonder if I have become over dependent, and need to rethink how often i check in.
Just a thought, could you do without it?

2 comments on “My Blackberry Is Not Working

  1. I think a lot of ppl have realised the dependency on mobiles.
    When I go to Argentina I turn mine off at 50p a text it’s not worth turning on! I use and internet cafe and always have done. It does me no harm I come back a little less aware of peoples lives but I in myself am ok 🙂
    It’s habit break it and you will form another soon enough

  2. All technology is primarily either desired in order to (a) “keeping up with the jones” or (b) to have an “all in one handheld device” as is the case of the Blackberry. The only APP that would revolutionize the World is one in which as you walked by a person you wanted to get to know if pushed a green button on your phone (meaning YES I would like to get to know you) and they did the same. EVERYONE would want that application and it would be revolutionary.
    During the interim loose the CrackBerry and reaffirm your eye contact, social skills, and verbal mastery. Good luck.
    Take care and may God bless you.
    Jeff Schrembs

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