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All star panel at #ATCSM

The panel session at #ATCSM features Find.Ly’s Jason Kerr, Richard Cho of Facebook, Carrie Corbin of A.T.& T and Lance Brolin of Sears,.Jason talked about the breathtaking pace of change, and just how hard it is to keep up. Inside the tech it’s easy to forget that people should sit at the heart of process. […]

Wordless Wednesday: Real Entrepreneur #TruSA

The BIG Recruiting Issues #TruSA

The #tru carnival is continuing this week, with events in Johannesburg  on the 9’th November and CapeTown on the 11’th. I’m really looking forward to this first venture in to Africa, and to what the local recruiters will have to say about the market. We have close to 150 booked for Jo’burg and 70 for […]

Viral #SocialRecruiting: The U.P.S. Road Trip

What does it take to make your recruiting  message viral? You want your message, and your opportunities to reach far and wide, particularly when you are hiring in large numbers. There has been plenty of discussion about whether gamification works, and if competitions and games attract players rather than candidates. I understand the critics point […]

3 Things You Should Know About LinkedIn

This seems like a simple post. A bit out of date for this blog,whose readers for the most part, know LinkedIn well. Heres the thing, the more LinkedIn profiles I look at, and the more books I read on the topic, the more I see it needs to be said. LinkedIn is increasingly becoming driven around […]

Hard Rock Firenze Wins Award For #SocialRecruiting

Readers of this blog will be aware of the story of Hard Rock Firenze, and how they hired 120 people, with the whole process taking just 4 weeks end to end. The whole campaign was run entirely in Facebook, making it probably the most succesful recruiting project of its type. We thought it was great, […]