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#EMConf:The Backchannel

  1. Enhance Media hosted the U.K.’s largest On-Line Recruitment Conference today. This is the highlights and story of the back channel. Most tweets come from those in the room. Thanks for keeping us all informed! Best to read bottom up. I’ve taken out duplicates and retweets

  1. Well done to the @EnhanceMediaLtd team for a great #emconf today!
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 11:17:50
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    Catherine Schlieben from @ITVJobs proves how useful client presentations are at this kind of event. #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 11:15:55
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    “Nature of #SocialMedia means our team needs to become expert marketers & communicators – as well as expert recruiters.” ITV #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 11:12:52
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    ITV social media – ‘social fluff vs value add’ #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 11:11:34
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    Can I just say thanks for some g8t summarising from @DavidJohnston1 and @ncreswell at #emconf b4 I forget!
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 11:10:00
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    ITV and Catherine showing a marketing and market lead approach to Resourcing #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 11:14:00
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    Analyse, measure and respond. ITV learning from metrics and data. #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 11:10:13
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    ITV recruitment online strategy 2012 ‘they’re out there, go find them’ – compelling content, well networked recruiters, job boards #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 11:08:59
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    ITV communicating benefits of LinkedIn referal platform across the business #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 11:09:12
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    “2012 will be about talent pooling – the right candidates are out there, we just need to find them.” @Cschlieben #EMCONF
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 11:08:12
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    ITV using quieter recruitment time to build good Talent Pools for the future. Nuture and be proactive #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 11:07:49
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    ITV social media – ‘social fluff vs value add’ #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 08:21:05
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    “Nature of #SocialMedia means our team needs to become expert marketers & communicators – as well as expert recruiters.” ITV #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 08:21:05
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    Belief and support from the board very important in ITV’s success. Helped with investment #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 11:05:14
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    @BillBoorman CV database licences can be expensive and you have to pay the person that does the searching. Better quality perhaps? #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 11:04:44
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    ITV recruitment online strategy 2012 ‘they’re out there, go find them’ – compelling content, well networked recruiters, job boards #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 08:21:05
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    Quality not Quantity #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 11:08:19
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    #emconf – for those who can’t create an internal recruitment team, outsourcing is a great option – will still see a huge fall in CPH
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 11:03:34
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    ITV decreased cost per hire fr £8k to £1k in less than a year, due to intro of dedicated rect team subsequent actions. Kudos! #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 11:02:35
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    Great to see Catherine bringing best of agency techniques inhouse #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:59:31
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    @ncreswell Not seen any Head of Sourcing roles yet… that would be a very interesting job to have! 🙂 #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:57:57
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    Love way #ITV focus on output of employees’ work for their #employerbranding video. Emotionally powerful, and cheap (for them) #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:57:57
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    @tinagupta79 agreed in fact all employees can help source talent through their networks and it can be measured given the right tools #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:55:43
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    “No such thing as online recruitment – only online sourcing. Rect inherently requires personal touch.” Wise words fr @garyfranklin #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:55:18
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    Recruitment will always remain a high touch function: there is online attraction,but recruitment will remain 1-1 @garyfranklin #EMCONF
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:54:42
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    Not sure how you can assume that because there has been no change in offline, job board ads must be declining? @garyfranklin #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:52:50
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    FIRM survey showing increasing use of CV databases #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:52:28
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    More companies moving towards direct sourcing #EMCONF
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:51:50
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    @ncreswell same mistakes are being made in copy writing, that were being made 15 years ago in print #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:51:14
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    @DerekPilcher Thats what the @JobsiteUK research said. Database over advertising #EMConf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:50:40
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    Managers should definitely play a role in using their networks and groups to help source and hire the right talent #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:50:01
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    People making a living out of advising companies how to make job descriptions #SEO friendly. Should be core skill for recruiter #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:48:16
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    ‘Advertising on job boards may be declining in favour of CV database searching’: insight coming via @garyfranklin from TheFIRM #EMCONF
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:48:09
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    33% of The FIRM members no longer advertise offline. #Emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:47:25
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    FIRM Employer research says 93% use job boards, 41% use 3-5 boards #EMCONF
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:46:39
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    Print ads for recruitment aren’t dead – but only in niche markets, usually local geographic ones. #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:46:27
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    Jobs boards good for #employerbranding, not for applications. Bet @garyfranklin agrees there are better ways to build brand #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:45:38
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    #emconf 32% of FIRM members use six plus types of job board
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:44:28
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    93% of companies surveyed by FIRM use job boards – almost half use between 3 & 6 boards #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:44:23
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    #emconf 41% of companies use 3 to 5 job boards.
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:43:55
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    41% of respondents use 3-5 job boards. #emconf Are people measuring success of adverts or CV search?
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:43:44
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    From The Firm survey – still only 7% of recruiters use no job boards at all #EMCONF
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:43:39
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    41% of companies use 3-5 job boards #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:42:39
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    Here is @garyfranklin sharing that 75% of FIRM respondents currently using SM in recruitment http://twitpic.com/8bxccw #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:40:28
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    Low percentage of vacancies filled by an agency! BUT The use of agencies should not go away – @garyfranklin at #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:39:36
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    A skilled Resourcing Team essential to find best people. Quality key, but without quantity you won’t get enough. All about balance #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:38:09
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    Sourcing great talent key responsibility for Resourcing Functions. #firm #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:34:13
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    @garyfranklin speaking at #EMCONF http://pic.twitter.com/vlqq9cz8
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:33:55
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    @BillBoorman I don’t use facebook to connect professionally – that’s what linkedin is for… #EMCONF
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:33:31
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    #emconf 89% of FIRM members want to optimise resources and costs
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:33:28
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    beKnown has 230000 weekly active users but they won’t reveal the total user count until it reaches the number they want! #EMCONF
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:26:21
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    Beknown current unknown? That is the question #EMCONF
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:25:30
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    Lol. People really don’t like the idea of employers seeing FB profiles… #bitchingaboutjob or #trafficconeonhead? #EMCONF
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:22:33
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    Come and visit us in the tea room and we’ll run CV searches for you #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:08:54
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    #emconf heard some “interesting” points thought we’d share this…www.netnatives.com/our-work/the-guardian/
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:07:23
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    Having paid to be here for the day, watching this endless demo is a bit like paying to see the ads in the cinema. #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:05:35
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    Right, so without playing with it i can’t be sure, but don’t think I want to use a social network within a SN! Too much work! #Emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:03:14
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    The only reason I joined Facebook in 2009 was to find out about how to use it for #employerbranding – and then got hooked! #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:01:31
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    It’s a SM profile inside a SM profile. Still don’t get it over using FB for personal and LinkedIn for professional #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:00:25
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    BeKnown uses semantic search to find jobs on the Monster website that will be relevant to you based on your skills and experiences. #EMCONF
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 10:00:24
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    @TheSourceress @moraysouter agree, Facebook knows far too much to be trusted! #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:58:17
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    Think I’m busy enough managing my other 5 social media profiles to join another one that doesn’t seem to offer much more #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:57:58
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    Live beKnown demo going on now, interesting stuff! @Hoorayhenry #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:56:44
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    Never present to an audience with kids animals or a live demo #monster @hoorayhenry handling it well at #EMCONF
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:56:02
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    Live demo fail. The mouse isn’t moving, @hoorayhenry is having to direct the technician. Interesting stuff on @BeKnown so far #EMCONF
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:55:31
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    The big difference with BeKnown is that users recommend skills not jobs. Skills searchable. #EMConf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:56:20
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    #emconf I’ll wet my finger shall I! Quote of the conference!
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:55:13
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    Very Good presentation from Monsters David Henry #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:54:22
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    ~4 people in the audience DON’T use Facebook! 🙂 #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:53:41
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    Why Beknown? Monster want to be where the people are. We’re on FB more #emconf biggest age group 25-34
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:51:53
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    Ppl visit facebook on average 34.2 times per month compared to linked in 3.5 times per month #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:51:34
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    62% of people are anxious about mixing friends and work colleagues in their online networks via @hoorayhenry presenting at #EMCONF
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:48:22
  73. Share
    @MoraySouter you guys seem to be generating a lot more tweets from #emconf than in previous years though.
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:47:53
  74. Share
    Interesting talk from @hoorayhenry about social media and how Monster has diversified beyond being just a job board #EMCONF
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:47:35
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    #emconf small number of the audience are on Twitter. Even fewer have over 100 followers.
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:46:01
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    Best presentation of the day so far from @hoorayhenry #EMCONF
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:45:14
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    Interesting to hear similarities between what LinkedIn and what Monster are doing… #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:44:35
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    Recent survey showed that 31% of people are active on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. #EMCONF
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:43:58
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    It’s a thin line between describing your product and pitching it… #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:42:03
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    “@SteveOthen agree about Giles. He was outstanding. Love recruiting data, love it when people are data geeks! #emconf” @EnhanceMediaLtd
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:40:47
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    “@ashleyrich: Who knew the legal stuff is far more interesting than google! #emconf” @EnhanceMediaLtd
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:40:17
  82. Share
    Authenticity. Be truthful, set expectations that are real. Don’t portray your business as something its not. #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:37:31
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    Hiring and internal talent mgt should be linked up, very well said @hoorayhenry #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:37:03
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    Do we really have different professional and personal selves? Interesting question that doesn’t go away. #EMCONF
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:30:34
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    No-one forces you to join LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. Just use common sense. #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:27:03
  86. Share
    Quote from @neilmorrison at #emconf – lawyer is disagreeing with him…believes can control what people say online
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:24:27
  87. Share
    When it comes to #SocialMedia in / and the workplace, law doesn’t allow for blurring between work and personal life. How could it? #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:20:24
  88. Share
    Ownership of content raises lots of questions around SOPA, will SM sites been seen as the publishing owner if they have full license #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:19:32
  89. Share
    “@ashleyrich: Who knew the legal stuff is far more interesting than google! #emconf” so true!
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:19:22
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    #emconf No social media presentation is complete without a youtube video of planking.
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:19:22
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    @SteveOthen agree about Giles. He was outstanding. Love recruiting data, love it when people are data geeks! #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:17:13
  92. Share
    @mitchsullivan yep, here: bloggingthelaw.com/2012/01… (used as #emconf example)
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:33:45
  93. Share
    If make hiring decision based on info gathered from #SocialMedia then must have permission. At risk of discrimination, regardless. #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:13:05
  94. Share
    Employers legally have to get consent before scanning a candidates linked in and Facebook profiles. Does this happen? #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:11:32
  95. Share
    #EMCONF imagine if I owned a car but anyone in the can use it…. FB does this, I own my profile but they can use the content without limits
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:09:50
  96. Share
    If you leave your company, do you own your followers/fans?
    Seems it depends on your employment contract. Great stuff from lawspeed #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:08:18
  97. Share
    Might leave Facebook now… #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:07:07
  98. Share
    Are Twitter followers worth $2.50 each? #EMCONF
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:06:35
  99. Share
    Facebook don’t own the stuff that you’ve posted, at they have licence to use them! Same goes for LinkedIn it appears #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:01:59
  100. Share
    If you want something to be private. Don’t post it. Your Digital Footprint is long term #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 09:01:25
  101. Share
    If you’re using a free service is it really a shock to not own any content you put on their web servers. #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 08:59:24
  102. Share
    Great stuff so far at #emconf People might even stay to the end this year with the big finish courtesy of @garyfranklin and @cschlieben
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 08:55:56
  103. Share
    First reference to SOPA from Lawspeed #EMCONF
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 08:55:28
  104. Share
    “@MonsterWW: We’ve continued to add new features and functionalities to @BeKnown – $MWW #BeKnown” #emconf @hoorayhenry up soon
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 08:54:33
  105. Share
    Happy birthday @jimmyticket celebrating at #emconf today!
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 08:55:10
  106. Share
    @LanguageJobs @thomasbreach The Google talk was quite promotional #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 08:51:49
  107. Share
    Very tasty lunch at #emconf. Now to the social media legal masterclass!
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 08:50:44
  108. Share
    Very thought provoking seminar about online recruitment. Lots of ideas for @RPCLaw brilliant #emconf #in
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 08:45:43
  109. Share
    Really interesting morning at #emconf Can’t wait for the afternoon speakers!
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 08:45:19
  110. Share

    Always a yummy lunch at #emconf http://twitpic.com/8bvkwx
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 08:13:31
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    Back in the Tweet stream – catching up with some ‘interesting’ points from #EMconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 08:06:44
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    @LanguageJobs Harsh? The reality is for most low salary jobs, employers do not head hunt, they advertise. LI is a proactive tool. #EMConf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 08:04:29
  113. Share
    Straight from Google, if recruiters don’t have a mobile website then they are probably losing at least 10% of search traffic #EMCONF
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:59:50
  114. Share
    The more you do of something the better you get at it.., data of course! #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:52:09
  115. Share
    Good data, well-used analytics give recruiters more control, and hence empower them #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:45:41
  116. Share
    Server logs give 3 times more unique users than ip tracking. Both are correct? #emconf interesting stuff!
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:44:43
  117. Share
    #emconf as a customer insight analyst I totally agree that data insight = value 😀
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:44:12
  118. Share
    38% candidates put off by term “competitive” salary. 54% week indication of career progression opps. Note to self: re-write JDs! #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:43:53
  119. Share
    54% of candidates say info re. #career #progression is in top 3 most important elements of #job advert. Interesting! #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:42:20
  120. Share
    What candidates want in a job ad – 54% career opportunities, 36% candidate spec only 12% company info >> useful for writing job ad #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:41:50
  121. Share
    Recruiters (esp my clients) 38% of job seekers find the salary def ‘competitive’, off-putting. See, told ya! #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:41:41
  122. Share
    54% of candidates say that career progression information is one of the most aspects of a job advert. #EMCONF
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:40:37
  123. Share
    Is Giles going to talk about how most ATS integrations effectively hide the vacancies from Google? #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:40:26
  124. Share
    Most important part of a career site is ease of navigation and search #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:38:07
  125. Share
    Design is one of the 3 least important factors for a candidate on a career site #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:37:42
  126. Share
    34% of users say that complex navigation puts them off using a careers website. #EMCONF
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:37:10
  127. Share
    #emconf quality score trumps bid price on search results. Can anyone from Google confirm this?
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:37:05
  128. Share
    #emconf pay per click ads on google. Highest bid does not = top place… Depends on a load of metrics inc relevance
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:36:12
  129. Share
    “@csadams: People searching with location are more active candidates. #emconf” interesting stuff
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:35:20
  130. Share
    Keywords – people who use job type and location are more active and more likely to convert #emconf why its important for jobs to be indexed
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:32:22
  131. Share
    I love the science bit… #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:31:36
  132. Share
    @csadams I would also ignore most, but one for UX testing was very obvious and a bit disturbing lately #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:31:33
  133. Share
    Users typing “media career opportunities” statistically more likely to have high quality experience than those typing “media jobs” #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:30:51
  134. Share
    67% of candidates use search engines as part of #job #seeking process #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:29:15
  135. Share
    Call to action stats – “apply now” gets 15x more applications than “learn more” #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:29:05
  136. Share
    Bit.ly urls do real-time analytics too. Are goo.gl ones better? Lack of analytics has always put me off tiny urls. #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:28:23
  137. Share
    Calls to action for vacancies on Twitter – ‘apply now’ gets as many applications as ‘to apply’ ‘join us’ ‘learn more’ together #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:26:44
  138. Share
    Don’t make people think, keep things simple. Same with data. Apply Now is simple call to action #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:26:40
  139. Share
    #ApplyNow is by far the most effective hashtag in a career tweet #emconf @JobsWithUs
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:26:27
  140. Share
    Using right call to action on social media posts has large impact on engagement #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:26:06
  141. Share
    51% of employers not measuring activity. Not surprised after few hands up using Google Analytics #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:19:20
  142. Share
    Q How do Google process 75,000 CVs a week? A Over 200 recruiters globally scan them initially #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:16:23
  143. Share
    How do google handle 2M CVS. With several hundred people scanning rather than reading #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:15:58
  144. Share
    @orlacummins webtrends works well for us #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:14:39
  145. Share
    Don’t forget how ingrained Google is with our lives at all levels #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:08:43
  146. Share
    Google “50% of executives watch YouTube weekly for work purposes” #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:08:19
  147. Share
    According to Google, 1 in 3 YouTube users uses video for business purposes. Could these be passive candidates? #EMCONF
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:07:45
  148. Share
    Can YouTube be used for recruitment? With such a large userbase, it could be a good way to reach potential candidates… #EMCONF
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:06:47
  149. Share
    Youtube massive in connecting with your target audience #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:06:15
  150. Share
    10% of google searches are from mobile (did I hear that right?)…. Makes sense I guess but thought it would be more. #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:06:24
  151. Share
    #recruitment related search queries on mobiles went up 3fold in 2011 compared to 2010, says google #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:05:29
  152. Share
    Google vs LinkedIn, who knows you best? Only one way to find out! #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:04:30
  153. Share
    Sounds to me like Google thinks about entering the job search market as one extension of social search …? #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:04:21
  154. Share
    Google search going to be more and more about people. Don’t underestimate the importance of making content accessible #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:03:49
  155. Share
    From this morning – LinkedIn now has 135million users, growing at 2 per second. Some interesting recruiting tools too #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 07:01:38
  156. Share
    The Google please hire me guy has come up. They didn’t hire him, but because they treated him well, they came out of it well #EMCONF
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 06:58:18
  157. Share
    5 out of ~500 delegates have used Google hangouts! #Emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 06:56:28
  158. Share
    Show of hands re Google users quite low(!) Be interested to hear case study re uses for recruitment #EMCONF
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 06:56:02
  159. Share
    “Recruiters. You’re never there when I need a job, but always calling when I’m working” #emconf Michel – Google How true!
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 06:52:08
  160. Share
    Now at #emconf we’re hearing about recruitment at Google – 75,000 CVs globally in ONE week…2m last year globally!
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 06:50:05
  161. Share
    Andy Hill sharing how they use LI for 15% of hires. Saving £700,000 in agency fees. Fab adv for the LI recruiting tool – for inhouse #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 06:04:45
  162. Share
    Ivensys reduced agency hires from 20% to 10% – LI now account for 15%, cost savings of £700k #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 06:03:14
  163. Share
    @linkedin 3 mission statements for candidates 1) Identity 2) Insights 3) Everywhere #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 05:57:23
  164. Share
    #Google 2 million cvs a year?! *faint* #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 06:50:28
  165. Share
    77% of brand content created by others…. Read it and weep protective brand team! #emconf
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 06:53:40
  166. Share
    #emconf online recruitment conference 2012 (@ Royal Geographical Society w/ 12 others) 4sq.com/z74Tpj
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 06:53:30
  167. Share
    #emconf trying to pitch Google . I am one of only 4 in the room who have used a hangout!
    Thu, Jan 26 2012 06:55:31

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