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Sunday Shout Out: That’s #Andsome #SocialRecruiting

About a year ago I was interviewed by John Sumser as part of his influencer series. John asked me who I was influenced by, and was a bit surprised (not by his inclusion, but because Mark was less well known across the water,) when I gave this answer: “4: Mark Rice – Andsome People. A recent one […]

What I’ve learnt from 50,000Tweets #TruLondon

I went over 50,000 tweets earlier this week. I joined twitter in May 2009. My first tweet was “is this working”, followed by “Can anyone see this?”. I had no idea in those days where twitter would take me, or really what I might get back. I was just curious about this channel that everyone […]

Porn, Sex, Dating And #SocialRecruiting

When I was out in Melbourne at #TruAus, I got to spend some time with Paul Jacobs, @pauljacobs4real, who I have followed and communicated with for some time. I would put Paul in my personal top 3 influencers in social recruiting. He has a great approach that is often fresh and unique. I recommend you […]

Broadbean Look To The Greater Good

Yesterdays announcement on the demise of Don Ramers Arbita job posting service OnePost, reported in John Sumsers H.R. Examiner, caught my attention, for the way Broadbean responded to the Arbita crisis. HRExaminer quotes Ramer as saying: “As many of you know, Arbita has experienced technical challenges with our posting platform over the last few years and, despite […]

Sharing a little @JimStroud. #SocialReruiting Tip

A quick post from Amsterdam, where I have been spending time networking and presenting to the excellent Recruiters United Group. More on that later this week. In this post I want to refer you to the excellent video content over at my friend Jim Stroud’s channel. I’ve spent time with Jim at #truLondon (I want […]

New School A.T.S. with @Zartis #SocialRecruiting

I’ve noticed a trend recently for a new style of applicant tracking systems, aimed at the smaller employer, both in pricing and functionality. At #truDublin I got introduced to the latest offering from Zartis, that was then in beta. Last week I got another look when they launched the mobile version of the site. It’s […]

Why agencies don’t (or won’t) do #SocialRecruiting. Fear,Policy And Control.

I met with Kevin Green recently, the Chief Exec of the R.E.C.(Recruitment & Employers Confederation.) Among other things we discussed why there has been limited adoption of social media by third-party recruiters. I acknowledge that there are some great examples of agencies who are doing some great work. Steve Wards Cloud Nine is just one […]

#trulondon in tweets

I love the way you can use Storify to capture content and post the tweets, videos and images direct in to WordPress and other social places. As excitement builds for the next #trulondon, this is just some of the twitter stream building up to the event, with a few videos from previous events. Enjoy! “@BryanWempen […]