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The Monster UK Jobseeker Journey And Thinking (infographic)

David Henry, from Monster UK shared a really interesting infographic with me today, that shows what is going on behind the searches made by visitors to Monster UK, and is taken from a poll of 2000 visitors during 2011. It is a good reflection of what people are feeling about the job search.
. This really gives some food for thought. The infographic is a great way to show the headlines, and you can click on any of the images to get the full data that sits behind it. What really stands out for me is that while 73% of people asked are unhappy in their job, 20% won’t bother applying because they don’t believe they will get a job. Concerningly, 43% felt tat their interviewer was unprepared for the interview. This looks to be an even bigger candidate experience to me than the much talked about A.T.S. I will be throwing this in to the mix at #trulondon. It’s a damming result.

Thanks to David for sending this over. Looks a perfect candidate for pinning!


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