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@JoinTheFlock: Twitter Hiring

The story of how twitter attract talent is best told in tweets. 140 characters of simplicity. A job feed powered by jobvite, and two house accounts: @JoinTheFlock and a student hiring account @TwitterU. I’ve been following and tracking these accounts for a while to see if there are any hidden secrets in what they do. If anyone would know, twitter would know.

They have a simple careerpage, rather than a dedicated site,  that features people ane tweers. It’s a pagee off of the main Twitter,Com site simply called “jobs at twitter.” Nothing over flashy but welcoming and easy to navigate. With a link off every twitter page, thats probably all the audience they need.

The Jobvite feed is a bit crammed for browsing, but very easy to navigate, and if you click on a link, you go straight to the job, with a very simple apply. Upload your C.V. and go. (You can also apply with your LinkedIn profile.)

They have no presence on Facebook for hiring or branding, though they have a branded company page on LinkedIn. This is fed by Jobvite, and there’s a few interesting stats. The companies they’ve hired from most are Google with 74 and Yahoo with 39. Not surprising given the nature of their work and San francisco location. Theres a total of 997 employees listed on LinkedIn. Theres 46,000 followers of the company on LinkedIn, which perhaps explains why they have added the careers tab. No sign of any other paid for advertising.

As far as I can see, there’s also no Google+ presence. YouTube feature 39 videos on the channel, mostly related to product, with only 5 that could be described as employer branding. It looks like this channel has not featured heavily in their thinking before the recent, much publicised hack day, when employees were challenged to come up with the best worst recruitment video. The resulting production resulted in a very funny video that has now been viewed 857,000 times,and created a flurry of blogs and tweets, further promoting the twitter opportunity. When you look through the Twitter stream for the employer brand activity, which lives on the #jointheflock hashtag. While the video is the tongue in cheek, it makes the fast-moving, global and innovative work environment really well. It also says to me that you can work with a smile on your face. This reemphasized that if you want to get your employer brand message across, let your staff lose with a flipcam and let them be creative. It beats spending on film crews and professional production, aand hits the authenticity button.

When you look at the twitter jobs account @jointheflock is mostly broadcast around employer brand rather than jobs. Job tweets are occasional, though @ messages get answered from the house account. The student account @TwitterU is a lot more engaged, with updates from campus and more news from internship programs etc.

What is noticeable is that the recruiters and employees are very active in sharing and commenting on the #jointheflock hashtag. Theres plenty of social twit pics which  give a real feel of the fun side of twitter. Theres clearly a sense of belonging and pride in the brand, and they use their own channel to reach out, driving traffic to the career site. Following twitters example, it’s about getting everyone tweeting and sharing in this very public place, driving people to look at the career site. If you read through the stream, you can see reminders to staff to use the #. Twitter obviously see the # as being more important than the house accounts, and jobs are hidden amongst engagement.

The # stream below is taken in order and direct. It’s worth a read. With this much positive buzz,I’d want to “JoinTheFlock”.


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    @JoinTheFlock You won me over with the recruiting video. I’m applying to be your next Facilities Operations Coordinator!

    Mon, Feb 20 2012 15:31:12
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    Imagine working with @Twitter. That would be awesome. I would love to #JoinTheFlock one day

    Mon, Feb 20 2012 09:42:44
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    RT @shanesteele: We’re looking for a visionary media researcher to build a global team at Twitter. Apply here. twitter.com/jobs/positions… #jointheflock

    Mon, Feb 20 2012 06:37:22
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    RT @design: Passionate about good design AND Twitter? Come @jointheflock! j.mp/a2ljIp

    Mon, Feb 20 2012 04:44:57
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    #Accounting Manager #job for Twitter Ireland. jobkey.ie/accounting-manag… Dublin City Centre. Discover more @JoinTheFlock opportunities here.

    Sun, Feb 19 2012 14:37:18
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    @JoinTheFlock FREE! Get a monthly income by switching your homepage. Nothing to buy or sell. viradyne.com/KLioness

    Sun, Feb 19 2012 09:44:26
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    Just saw the @jointheflock video cos someone posted it on facebook… .. ..

    Sun, Feb 19 2012 03:02:22
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    RT @janetvh: Feelin’ proud: fastcompany.com/most-innov…
    cc: @JoinTheFlock

    Sun, Feb 19 2012 01:11:58
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    @JoinTheFlock, Y U NO have positions in Canada? 😦 Also, the “sudo make me a website” part of the meet the crew vid made me laugh, for real!

    Sat, Feb 18 2012 20:46:02
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    RT @elizabeth: Innovation in popcorn: Bacon. @jointheflock http://pic.twitter.com/ZSBiiEXO

    Sat, Feb 18 2012 16:26:50
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    bacon carmel popcorn and beer… one of many reasons to #jointheflock http://pic.twitter.com/uU6gENSz

    Fri, Feb 17 2012 19:12:16
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    Thanks @JoinTheFlock for processing my cv 😉

    Fri, Feb 17 2012 14:10:12
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    @jointheflock do you have an engineering office in NYC? Jobvite appears down

    Fri, Feb 17 2012 11:04:28
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    @kurtosis0 great recruiting work Kurt. You should have added a @JoinTheFlock to that one.

    Fri, Feb 17 2012 10:23:17
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    @JoinTheFlock Just applied for data scientist grad programme. Does it matter that I’m from Dublin and not US? Any grad opportunities in Dub?

    Fri, Feb 17 2012 10:03:18
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    Get off your perch and @JoinTheFlock . Accounting, Recruitment, Office #jobs #Twitter Ireland. Pls RT/Share with your friends.

    Fri, Feb 17 2012 08:05:37
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    RT @adam_messinger: Never worked somewhere lawyers use Jira to track contract changes, just like engineers do with code changes? @JoinTheFlock /cc @pril @amac

    Fri, Feb 17 2012 03:09:57
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    @JoinTheFlock tanks for your response on my mail !! #ff

    Fri, Feb 17 2012 04:36:24
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    RT @jayholler: In 4 years spent at my previous company, never had interview training. With @twitter I got interview training within 6 weeks #JoinTheFlock

    Thu, Feb 16 2012 17:38:55
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    “@TrustAndSnacks: Hello Pandas by the booze table #ten14”

    Yes, we have a booze table. #JoinTheFlock

    Thu, Feb 16 2012 16:20:55
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    @JoinTheFlock I have applied for the Brand Policy Ass. opening. I am more than willing to come to you for a personal interview!!!

    Thu, Feb 16 2012 16:03:47
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    @JoinTheFlock What about internship?!

    Thu, Feb 16 2012 15:52:09
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    @JoinTheFlock Thanks for the update. We’ll keep watch!

    Thu, Feb 16 2012 10:54:28
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    @JoinTheFlock How do I #jointheflock?

    Thu, Feb 16 2012 06:28:44
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    Great Twitter-Eng party put together by @carriecourtois, Thanks alot #JoinTheFlock

    Thu, Feb 16 2012 01:33:32
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    RT @twittersearch: Tweet Tweet!

    You know what’s cool? Making sense of 1.6 billion queries. @jointheflock! bit.ly/cbgDOD bit.l

    Thu, Feb 16 2012 00:50:53
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    @JoinTheFlock That was an amazingly inspiring video…I want to work there!

    Wed, Feb 15 2012 19:28:58
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    The Women of Twitter via @voguemagazine Hope to be one of these women one day @jointheflock shar.es/fLtoI

    Wed, Feb 15 2012 17:42:11
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    thats right, we do work with them, #congrats @ChloeS & @KatieS.. @JoinTheFlock vogue.com/magazine/article…

    Wed, Feb 15 2012 17:26:05
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    RT @BardotBardot: This one’s flying around my timeline for good reason. #jointheflock The Women of Twitter [Vogue] bit.ly/w9x2fy

    Wed, Feb 15 2012 16:19:29
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    @JoinTheFlock Hi folks, there’s a spambusting job going in Dublin and I want it. How do I get it? CV sent and I can supply my own mallet 🙂

    Wed, Feb 15 2012 16:16:23
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    twitter is #6 on @fastcompany’s 50 most innovative companies list for amplifying the global dialogue. thanks guys! fastcompany.com/most-innov…

    Wed, Feb 15 2012 15:51:24
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    great use of twitter for SMS in a kenyan village: news.theage.com.au/breakin…

    Wed, Feb 15 2012 15:48:08
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    Accepted a summer internship at Twitter! Seems appropriate to announce it here first. #jointheflock

    Wed, Feb 15 2012 15:29:31
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    @MUBCS all of our internships are product or engineering-focused as of now, but that may change, so stay tuned!

    Wed, Feb 15 2012 14:18:45
  36. Share
    @ChloeS Interest in Twitter Media Editor. Background & sample links (Apple, Starbucks Kleiner, Skoll) box.net/shared/0uq2kn6lrse… (@jointheflock)

    Wed, Feb 15 2012 14:13:27
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    RT @TaylorSchreiner: First day at Twitter and already having a blast! @JoinTheFLock

    Wed, Feb 15 2012 12:41:33
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    RT @danwrong: Yo, @jointheflock and help us kill the hashbangs. twitter.com/jobs

    Wed, Feb 15 2012 11:07:58
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    @artistsmakers @MollieMakes this has been a good craft project….www.jointheflock.co.uk and facebook.com/pages/Join-th…

    Wed, Feb 15 2012 08:01:10
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    RT @posco: The amazing @edchedch (works @twitter /@JoinTheFlock) wrote a terrific blog on using @scalding for recommendations: blog.echen.me/blog/2012/02…

    Wed, Feb 15 2012 07:09:17
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    RT @LagomLiving: Were hiring like crazy @Twitter for Front End Software Engineers please feel free to reach out if your an expert in Javascript @JoinTheFlock

    Tue, Feb 14 2012 21:48:25
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    RT @seacue: My job is better then your job! #jointheflock #chocolatedippedchocolate http://pic.twitter.com/ZwZWrPqo

    Tue, Feb 14 2012 20:20:58
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    @JoinTheFlock Thank you

    Tue, Feb 14 2012 18:51:45
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    @mattknox @jointheflock omgg are there strawberries??

    Tue, Feb 14 2012 18:23:51
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    @JoinTheFlock who should I follow up on my application with!?

    Tue, Feb 14 2012 18:07:37
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    Really want to #jointheflock! Twitter is hiring a sales marketing events person and I think it should be me!

    Tue, Feb 14 2012 17:59:42
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    @Twitter I want to @JoinTheFlock, I submitted my resume last night, when can I expect a response?

    Tue, Feb 14 2012 16:39:06
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    RT @AllSchuckUp: Come hear me speak about “Realtime Search at Twitter” at the Twitter NYC Open House. engineering.twitter.com/20… via @twittereng #jointheflock

    Tue, Feb 14 2012 16:26:16
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    recognize that passion and personality matter #jointheflock

    Tue, Feb 14 2012 15:44:33
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    @kpk Joined for the work, stayed for the breakfasts #jointheflock

    Tue, Feb 14 2012 13:01:28
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    came back from bathroom break and found this. #jointheflock http://pic.twitter.com/dLnNIYmO

    Tue, Feb 14 2012 12:32:41
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    RT @sgianakouros: At Twitter, The Future is You!: youtu.be/vccZkELgEsU Great recruiting video from @jointheflock

    Tue, Feb 14 2012 12:25:30
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    @JoinTheFlock #awesome Just saw your new recruiting video. Best. Video. Ever. 🙂

    Tue, Feb 14 2012 10:08:53
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    Hey @JoinTheFlock – any MBA internships this summer?

    Tue, Feb 14 2012 02:33:17
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    Are you an Account Manager? #JoinTheFlock twitter.com/jobs/positions…

    Mon, Feb 13 2012 20:32:42

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