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The Social Relationship Matrix #truStockholm

I’m just back from a great #truStockholm, where I was really impressed with the progress made over the last 12 months by the recruiters involved. At the last #truStockholm, we spent a lot of time talking concept and why adopting social recruiting might be a good idea. This time around, the talk was all around […]

#SocialRecruiting: The starting points (video)

This is the interview that I took part in at #TNLive talking social recruiting integration with @employersondice, talking a little about the BBC, Hard Rock and Oracle, and where to start in integrating social recruiting. Thanks to for a great #TNLive experience, and for bringing social to events. Bill

The simple things that count with @employersondice #DiceConnect and Salesforce #SXSW

A couple of weeks ago I was at the circus that is #SXSW, the annual geek fest in Austin, Texas. Pretty much everyone from the smallest and newest internet start-up, through to the giants like Twitter were there and throwing a party. Pretty much everyone was hiring in one form or another, and there were […]

#Hatemyboss #Hatemyjob Warning: Contains real tweets

In researching this post I conducted a simple search in my twitter timeline, for people posting using the hashtag #hatemyjob and #hatemyboss.The following are real tweets from this search. I’ve not embedded the tweets to protect the stupid from themselves, but I promise you these are real. Try the search out for yourself! WARNING: THE […]

Sunday Shout Out: @FelixWetzel: Spiral Thinker

It’s always good to spend time with people who see life through a different lens to you. It’s the way we can broaden our minds and sometimes change our outlook or way that we view a problem. I spent Friday this week with Felix and some of the team from Evenbase, Jobsite and Broadbean in […]

Source of influence or source of hire?

I’ve been thinking quite a lot recently about source of hire. It’s one of the most common statistics that gets measured and reported. The reports that I see tend to indicate that social media is fairly low on the list of source of hire. Well below the career site or the job boards. When you […]

Posting To LinkedIn

At the end of February LinkedIn announced the launch of a new feature that is already proving a hit. The new feature enables you to add a “follow company” tab on any web place.When you follow a company, updates come by e-mail, meaning people can elect to get all the latest including jobs from prospective […]

Sunday ShoutOut: My Mum Rose Boorman

It’s mothering sunday here in the UK, so what better day to recognise my biggest influencer, my Mum, Rose Boorman. This post is my mothers day gift. I know my mum will see it on Facebook because she is busy building up her mafia family as Big Ma Boorman! If I could award a klout score to […]

YouTube,Google+.Livestream And The Social Channels

There’s a great feature that I have only just noticed on Google+, that I think offers good opportunities for employer branding and social recruiting. I have been working with a few clients on hosting hangouts on a weekly basis, and inviting candidates to come and talk. While the audiences aren’t huge, the feedback and results […]

@FelixWetzel at TEDxPortsmouth: Treat your employees at citizens

This is a brilliant talk on nation branding by my friend and Evenbase Director Felix Wetzel. Wetzel is a bit of a genius in this area, and as the social world evolves, what he has to say makes even more sense.  Watch it now! Read @FelixWetzel blog HERE