#SocialRecruiting: The starting points (video)

This is the interview that I took part in at #TNLive talking social recruiting integration with @employersondice, talking a little about the BBC, Hard Rock and Oracle, and where to start in integrating social recruiting.

Thanks to Dice.com for a great #TNLive experience, and for bringing social to events.


6 comments on “#SocialRecruiting: The starting points (video)

  1. Guy walks into a bar. Talks about his company. And Bill tells him that’s what #socialmedia’s for!

  2. Excellent Bill.

    We still have a lot of work to do to change mind-sets. I mean, normally at c-suit level, to allow anything to happen away from the deep rooted transactional models in place for what seems like forever but is after all entrenched in current revenue streams. Its seems the rest is easy. It’s that initial permission to talk barrier and control of information top down.

    But when I started talking social it was quite un heard of and I was considered mad and definitely a lot of glazed over eyes!.. But now even ears prick up because it’s very much in proliferation beyond hype mode of their peers. Well, thanks to fine purveyors of social like you.

    As highlighted by Andy Headworth recently, I liked the quote Cicero 80BC: “if you wish to persuade me, you must think my thoughts, feel my feelings and speak my words”. That might have to be applied going up to the top as well. So we also have to get into the mindsets of the c-suit to and remove barriers or nervousness.

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