Why I’m quitting Twitter, and where I’m going.

Over the last few months I have found myself spending an increasing amount of time in a new channel that combines many of the aspects of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Having tested third life, which is an extension of role-playing channel second life, I’m convinced that this personalised experience is the way forward for recruiting.
The technology is pretty amazing. You use your webcam to upload your avatar, and your avatar delivers messages via a hologram image. The really funky bit is when you view the image on an i-phone, i-pad or similar device, which delivers the message using augmented reality to put the messenger right in front of you in 3-D. Sounds like Dr.Who or Startreck, but think about the applications.
I’ve been lucky enough to have a Beta version for the last 4 months, and to take part in tests and trials. Last week I conducted an augmented reality interview, in which I was able position my hologram with another one and conduct a virtual interview, By using pressure pads similar to those built for X-Box Kinect, I was able to have a virtual handshake, and could maintain eye contact. It was as good as the real thing. You can conduct tests, even use a polygraph feature to determine if the answers you are getting to your questions are correct. It might even be worth using the tech for in person interviews using this feature alone.It has to be a winner.

I’ve also been playing around with the virtual meet up function, with #tru in mind. I’m hoping that we will be able to use third life to host the first augmented reality unconference. You will be able to see, talk and “sit” with the other participants, argue and contribute through your hologram and enjoy the whole unconference experience in person without leaving your home. It’s going to be wild!

I’ve enjoyed third life so much that the other one-dimensional channels have got a bit dull for me now. I’m also convinced that the real life in person interaction will become THE social network in a very short space of time, and as we have seen with Twitter, Facebook and Google+, it’s the early adopters who end up dominating the channel as new users come on board. As of 11.59 today I will be disabling my Twitter account. It’s been a lot of fun sending 51,000 tweets, but it is time for something new to take over, and third life will be the next big thing. You can all join me by clicking on the third life link below. Farewell Twitter, it’s been fun!



Get a look at Third Life

7 comments on “Why I’m quitting Twitter, and where I’m going.

  1. Bill, I’ve been wondering for quite a while why you kept wasting your time on Twitter. It has clearly become a channel for lonely middle-aged people. I’m glad that you found your way again and continue to be innovative!

    By the way, could you please repost the link to Third Life? It seems that the link at the end of your post was hacked and I couldn’t find anything on Google or Bing…

  2. I too have been testing Third Life, albeit for a couple of months less than you. What really blew me away was the virtual handshake. So lifelike you can tell the difference between a masonic one and a limp wristed one. And for the first time in my life I can wink with my right eye!

  3. Excellent, I’ve always wanted to do an interview in my underpants surrounded by empty crisp packets.

  4. Nice one Bill, Amazing how many people forgot to look at the date – or to click on the link.

    Brought a real smile to my face.



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