The history of recruiting according to @Zartis #Infographic

This is a bit of a fun infographic created by my friend John Dennehey from Zartis. I think he makes an interesting point that referral recruiting is far from a new concept. Although technology changes the possibilities in terms of reach and relevance, theres lessons we should have learnt from the past, not least that paying cash rewards has limited impact to volume or quality.

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4 comments on “The history of recruiting according to @Zartis #Infographic

  1. Nice to see the recruiting timeline from a historical perspective. As a recruiter, it is the Smart HR stage that scares the “xxxx” out of me.

  2. Bill – thanks for sharing!

    Roy – surely the social stage is the most exciting from a recruiters perspective. I think it’s just the structure of agency work that might change.

    Ivan – thanks! Dave Hall our creative director did all the visuals πŸ™‚

  3. Don’t forget the Clergy….my family was “recruited” to work in the US by Catholic Bishops helping their wealthy parishioners staff their woolen mills in Woonsocket, RI in the late 1800’s.

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