New LinkedIn Sourcing App: Pealk

My friend and top UK Sourcer Martin Lee, who runs the cool free tools group on LinkedIn sent me over a link to a new app recently to have a look at, and when I took a peek, I was impressed with what I saw. Whenever I look at a new tool or app, and I probably look at about 100 a week, I use a simple criteria to judge it:

> Does it do something I can’t do now or does it improve on what I already have?

> Is it simple to use and follow without instruction? I like my tech to be intuitive needing limited support.

> Is the navigation easy and logical?

> Can I export data to work with my existing tech?

> Can I track what is going on in one screen?

> What analytics come out of the back-end?

Pealk stands up really well against all this criteria, and the version1 beta has just become available.

Pealk are another of the great start-ups coming out of Paris at the moment. I know from #TruParis, there is some very interesting work going on in the recruiting space at the moment in this region. If I was a VC, I’d have my eyes firmly on this community right now, and Pealk is the latest product from this area to catch my attention.
Pealk bill themselves as the number 1 search app for LinkedIn. It’s a big claim, and one I thought was worth checking out. signing up for Pealk is easy, it’s a one click sync of your LinkedIn profile, and it’s free, even if just for the moment.
The search screen gives you the option to search using the following fields:
> Search criteria (and this supports boolean logic)
> Company (with a filter option for only current companies)
> Position
> industry (with drop down choices)
> Education
> Location

Theres a simple tick box option to filter out your LinkedIn connections in results, if you want the search to be for people you don’t know.
Once I’d put in some test criteria, the search was incredibly quick. Much quicker than LinkedIn’s own search, and the results come back in a very clean format that is easy to scroll through. It’s also easy to go back to your original search and reset the parameters if you want to change the result for any reason. I like the app’s I use to have very simple navigation and a logical interface. This is one of the best apps I’ve seen in this regard. It is incredibly simple to use.
The results come back in a business card view showing photo, name, professional headline,number of connections, sector and location. Another great feature of this app is that the results are very easy to organise. You can select a profile by tick box, drag and drop the profile in to the side bar for export to another folder, messaging or saving as a result, select a profile by tick box for another action or star a profile for more attention. Another neat feature is how easy it is to view the whole LinkedIn profile even if you are not connected. It’s one click and opens in a separate window with the close option. There is no need to navigate back and forth and risk losing your way. You can also browse all the profiles you’ve selected to your” cart” one after another using the profile flow feature. When you view the full profile there is a simple 4 button bar that allows you to select the profile, star it, add a note to the profile, open the profile in LinkedIn or take it out of the search, and they are all one click functions.

When you’ve got your results in the cart, you can message people individually or collectively using a free text message template. Again you can do this without the need to leave Pealk and go in to LinkedIn. Working in one place on one screen is a lot more efficient for recruiters. Each user gets a really simple dashboard that gives you all your analytics you need, so you can track all your interactions and results in one place, and make changes where you need them.

Having tested a few searches in Pealk, I’ve got to say that I’m really impressed. The search results are accurate and returned lightening quick, and they are very easy to organise. You don’t need to be a great sourcer or understand boolean strings to make this work for you. Although I tried, I couldn’t find anything I didn’t like. With even a basic knowledge, you can make it work for you.

I’ve not spoken with the guys at Pealk to know what their relationship is with LinkedIn, though they display the LinkedIn logo next to powered by, on the opening screen, so I’ve made the assumption that there must be a relationship. The app is very close to LinkedIn Recruiter, so I have some concern about whether this has not come up on their radar yet, or if an agreement exists. If it doesn’t, I have a concern about how long they will have access to the LinkedIn API before they are seen as being a direct competitor. That said, using it now is a bit of a no brainer, it is that simple to use.

My other big concern is over the messaging within Pealk to non first level connections. The messages go out in invites, although the messages are different to the standard LinkedIn invites because you get an extra 100 characters and you can include a link. LinkedIn invitations prohibit this in the normal invite. My worry is that these invites go out as friends, and that is clearly not the case. There is a big risk of getting reported for spam or “I.D.K.” and then it’s not long before you get blocked or stopped from inviting people without e-mail addresses, which creates real problems. If your going to proceed with using Pealk anyway, I’d recommend taking time on each individual invite to show why the target has come up in the individual search and the relevance of the job according to their profile. A bit of extra time to show this makes the message personal and less spammy. (I know I recommend not personalising invites normally, but when you are using the invite as a means of messaging a job, I think you have to.)

Hats off to the 4 guys who have developed Pealk, Nicolas Lemmonier, (Co-Founder and Business Development Director) Anthony Simon, (Co-Founder and Marketing Director), Yann Hourdell ( Technical director)and Boris Golden (Co-founder and Lead Product Director).  If there are no API issues, I think they are on to a real winner because of the simplicity of use, navigation, speed, analytics and results. It’s in my toolkit already!

Thanks also to Martin Lee for another great spot and share, go join his group to keep up with more.



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4 comments on “New LinkedIn Sourcing App: Pealk

  1. Hey Bill,

    I’m Boris, the Product guy here @ Pealk.

    Thank you so much for your article! 🙂 We’re really happy that you appreciate Pealk!

    Just to answer a few questions:

    1) We really envision Pealk as a NON-SPAM app. What does it mean? First, there are strict daily limits (30 messages / day at most today). Then, we strongly encourage to personalize EACH message (we might even enforce it later if it turns out that people send bulk messages through Pealk). We want to be a great app for gentlemen, not a noisy app annoying people on LinkedIn… And we’re working hard for it!

    2) We don’t think the value of Pealk stands only in messaging. We really want to offer amazing search, organize & screen features!

    3) Right now, we’re not in a partnership with LinkedIn. But we’re working on it! 😉

    Kind regards, and thank you to everyone using Pealk & sending feedbacks!!

    Lead Product guy @ Pealk

  2. Hi Bill !

    Such a great work done by Pealk team! French touch is not only in cuisine and music 😉

    At the end of your article, you just told about your toolkit…

    Did you ever published something about apps you use? If not, would you do?

    I think we all have apps which get in toolkit list and then get out after couple of days of (non)use….but which one YOU keep ?

    I don’t want to put the money in your back but I love compare tools I use to new ones, and I know you to be aware of new product or must have app.

    Although I belong to Martin’s free cool tools which is such a great LinkedIn group!


  3. Hi Bill,
    Good spot by Martin and this app is definitely worth looking at. For what its worth my feedback (admittedly I have only had 30 mins to look at it) is as follows;

    The UI (User Interface) is excellent, shortlisting from a long search result becomes really easy and access to full profiles is quicker and therefore more user friendly. Removing 1st tier from a search result could be handy for some although this is also very easily done on LinkedIn.
    You can create templates for messages and track responses – both useful features it would appear although I havent actually tried them out yet.
    I can’t imagine LinkedIn revoking API access because this app does nothing to compete with their LinkedIn Recruiter product (which gives full visibility) so Pealk are probably on safe ground.
    That though is the main problem! This app gives you no more access to profiles than you can already get on LinkedIn (free account). Visibility is still restricted to
    Searches are results are still limited to 100 results
    As far as I can see the search result is ordered by the default ‘relevance’ and this can’t be changed as it can on LinkedIn.
    You cannot specify a postcode radius search – only a country!
    The fields you mention are the only ones you can use;
    > Keywords (and this supports boolean logic)
    > Company (with a filter option for only current companies)
    > Position
    > industry (with drop down choices)
    > Education
    > Location
    These all operate in exactly the same way as they do on LinkedIn – no advantages at all.

    You can’t then filter your search results as you can on LinkedIn. This is a key issue as filtering a search is the most important part of a LinkedIn search. It should be pretty straightforward to add this feature and I strongly recommend Pealk do (as well as the postcode search)

    In the short time I used it I found a few bugs (errors on searches and the error message was in French!) but this is normal for a beta product and doesn’t put me off.

    That said I won’t be recommending it to my clients as yet because LinkedIn searching gives you more flexibility on location criteria and the ability to filter a search result and this outweighs the UI benefits of Pealk for me.

    • Hey Mr LinkedIn,

      Thank you very much for your extremely valuable feedbacks!

      We’ve released a new version of Pealk beta. All little bugs have been fixed. And we’ve added the *location criteria* (demanded by many users) !!

      For your two other feedbacks (the search filters and the choice of the ordering criteria for the results), we’re aware of it, it’s not in our short-term roadmap right now, because:
      – almost nobody asked for it
      – we have plenty of things to do 🙂

      Please do not hesitate to reach me if I can help!

      Kind regards,


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