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Women @ Work (Infographic)

Most days I get sent an infographic that the producer is certain will be of interest to my readers. Usually they are of no interest to anyone. A thinly disguised link back or self promotion, but I got this one yesterday from On-Line MBA that is a bit different and got me thinking, with regards social recruiting and talent attraction. The number that really jumped out for me is that only 12.5% of UK companies have female board directors. Now I don’t want to go all political on this, but I think it is quite shocking.

At the same time, I work with a few businesses that buck this trend and have a number of senior roles held by women. If you are like one of these businesses, this has to create a great talent attraction opportunity, to make sure that your senior women are sharing their story in your social places. Based on this data, female brand advocates with success story’s to share have got to be a great asset to your talent attraction strategy.


Women at Work Infographic Via MBA@UNC
Via MBA@UNC MBA Online & Women 2.0

One comment on “Women @ Work (Infographic)

  1. Thanks for sharing this Bill. Some really interesting facts. Personally I think so many women are founding their own businesses because it gives them the flexibility to combine their home lives whilst also being successful at what they do.

    We will probably see the percentage of women in board rooms increase when more companies truly realise the potential of embracing flexible and home-working in retaining talented and motivated employees, who do not have to sacrifice their work-life balance to prove their value.

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