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Sunday ShoutOut: @Rruxx: Ruxandra Fratescu #TruGrad #CIETT2012

I’ve known Ruxandra since #Trulondon3, just over a year ago. I had the privelidge of being her mentor in the #truGrad program, we still speak often. Today is Rux’s birthday, which makes it the best day to feature her for my Sunday Shout Out.
Ruxandra was an easy person to mentor. She had a fixed plan that she wanted to be a recruiter, and when she agreed to do something to help herself, she always follows through with it. Ruxandra is highly competitive, in a positive way, and this was one of the main things that appealed to her about moving in to third-party recruiting after graduating from Middlesex University. This is highlighted in her background as a professional tennis player. Despite some parental pressure to pursue a career in tennis, Ruxandra elected to go to a business school in Romania, before moving to London to study Business and Law at Middlesex Uni.

From our first meeting Ruxandra updated her LinkedIn profile, joined and posted in groups asking for help. started a blog, created an on-line CV and made sure the world knew who she was through social. The result was plenty of attention, help, interviews and ultimately employment with K2 solutions as a Recruiter.

Despite the tough demands of starting work, completing training and being a succesful biller, Ruxandra has continued to contribute, being the driving force behind #truRomania and co-ordinating this years in-take of #truGrads. I’ve also seen her grow in confidence as a speaker, talking on behalf of the graduate population about employability.

Ruxandra has led tracks at #trulondon, #truDublin, #truRomania and #truAmsterdam. I’ve also asked her to take part in the #OccupyTheConference tracks at #CIETT2012, as a new recruiter I’m sure she is going to have a lot to tell those who have forgotten what it is like starting out. This is what Kevin Wheeler had to say about her at #truAmsterdam:

I’m proud to have been a part of Ruxandra’s story. I’m sure theres much more to come over the next few months and years. Happy birthday and good luck for the future. Her story demonstrates how any student can use social to get the opportunity they deserve, and connect with people who can really help launch a career, and continue with help and advice. If you sit in this bracket, you should really connect with her.


Ruxandra on LinkedIn



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