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The History Of Technical Recruiting According To @TalentBinHiring (Infographic) #TruSanFran

Tomorrow I’m leaving for SanFrancisco and #TruSanFran. The event takes place on Thursday 16’th August and will be hosted by our friends at TalentBin. I’ve been really impressed with the way they have developed from an early social referral product which I was unconvinced about, through to a brilliant sourcing tool. The 2 big features I like about Talent Bin are the aggregated social profile and the profiling from channels like github and stack overflow where the candidates hang out.
Thanks also to our event sponsors WhiteTruffle who have made it possible to run a quality event with a $20 admission price.
We are going to be running 2 Google+ hangouts during the event thanks to Dice.Com. The first hangout is for technical recruiters looking at the important issues and challenges faced bytechnical recruiters in SanFrancisco, and the second hangout will feature advice for job seekers in the technical sector from the expert recruiters present. I will be publishing the location of the hangout tomorrow. Please come and join us.

In advance of the event, TalentBin have produced an infographic that outlines the history of technical recruiting. Please share it!


Please join us in person or on the Dice.Com hangout.


One comment on “The History Of Technical Recruiting According To @TalentBinHiring (Infographic) #TruSanFran

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