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This Is Me

Thank-you for taking time out of your busy day to take a look at my blog.

The Recruiting Unblog is my blog space for posting on things I’m thinking or talking about related to Recruiting, Technology, Human Resources, Social MediaTechnology and plenty of personal stuff thrown in. It’s also the place where I post updates on what is happening with #tru events (The Recruiting Unconference) and my work with @BillBoorman. (My Company.)

I’m open to any guest blogger that wants to post. Just let me have your contact details and the topic you want to post on. I don’t censor, and welcome as many opposing views as possible. I also run occasional blog carnivals to feature other bloggers that I share a network with. Feel free to leave a link to your blog if you want to get featured in the next one.

I’m always looking for ambassadors.

The easiest way to follow this blog is via e-mail or RSS feed. I post most days, so there is plenty to follow.

You can subscribe to #Tru HERE

I’m very open to topics that you want to hear about.

Enjoy the blog, and please comment!


6 comments on “About The RecruitingUnblog#Tru

  1. I can’t find an email address/contact details for you and wanted to reach out!

    Have a blog post for you

  2. Hi Bill! Leaving my blog link here and am interested in guest blogging in the future about marketing and social media. Cheers!

  3. Hi Bill

    I have written a couple of blogs and a white paper about how content marketing can help recruitment agencies grow their client and candidate database. I”m not sure what your email is so if you want to drop me a line at mhill@redrocketmedia.co.uk then I’ll reply to you and attach them.

    I am the Marketing Manager for a content marketing agency in Portsmouth (UK) and used to work in recruitment. I think when the recruitment agencies start to realise how content marketing can help them it’s going to be a very exciting time!

    Kind regards

    Michelle Hill

  4. Hi Bill – I would love to write a guest blog for you. here’s my email flora@adzuna.com look forward to hearing from you

  5. Hi Bill

    I’ve just started a Blog for the company i work for Hancock and Parsons I’m in the process of preparing the first proper entry – any advice would be hugely appreciated!

    Thank you



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