The 2 Blogs You Would Choose

Theres a long running radio show in the UK called desert island disks. On the show, celebrities get interviewed and get to choose three tracks and three books, or similar to take with them. When you try to tie down music or books to a small choice, it’s really hard. Earlier this evening I asked […]

When The S**T hits the fan. A ConSol Partners Story

I was on my way back from #truMadrid when I got a message on Facebook from a fairly senior head of recruiting at a business you would all know. The message contained a link to a story published in The Kernel about recruitment business ConSol Partners under the heading “Another Tech Recruiter Lying And Fabricating”under […]

Lets Make Movies! A #HardRock Story!

I was checking in on some of my usual fan pages.just looking at the content that makes a real community, rather than a notice board, when I came across this video short promoting a whole new low-budget movie that is in production. so low in fact,the budget was £0! The movie is called “What would […]

Embeding live tweets in your blog

Today I found a really simple WordPress function that enables you to embed a tweet in a blog post and keep it active. This means you can highlight a particular post, promote an event, job or post, just about anything you either see or tweet about. I see this as being really useful for posts […]

Happy Birthday @MackCollier #Blogchat tips

Every so often you have to use your blog space to thank people in the network you share who have helped you to develop. In the social age, people learn from the information we share, and while I try to do my bit, I get back far more help than I ever give. Today is […]

Another 100 HR/Recruiting and #SocialRecruiting Blogs

Earlier this year I published a blog post on 140 HR and Recruiting blogs I read. This has been one of my most revisited posts of all time and still gets regular shares. As it’s Christmas, and there could be some spare reading time coming up, I’ve added another 100 to the list. I’ve also […]

WordPress TV and #WordPress 3

WordPress is the blog platform of choice at the moment, judging by the number of new blogs that choose WordPress over other options or established blogs that have migrated to the platform over the last few months. I’m sure the other platforms like Blogger have great features too, but for simplicity, WordPress is my number […]

#MegaJobHuntChat Live Blog 7 (Summary)

The Whole Session The Final Stats 3,197 tweets 280 contributors 29.7% come from “The Top 10” 49.5% are retweets 67.4% are mentions 21.3% have multiple hashtags The Final Top 10 @CornOnTheJob – 136 @blogging4jobs – 122 @HRMargo – 117 @tombolt – 111 @willyf – 91 @MyJobScope – 90 @laurenkgray – 72 @oppsproject – 71 @HeartofHR […]

#MegaJobHuntChat Live Blog 6

The Stats 2,872 tweets 264 contributors 29.5% come from “The Top 10” 50.5% are retweets 67.5% are mentions 21.1% have multiple hashtags The Top 10 @CornOnTheJob – 131 @HRMargo – 117 @blogging4jobs – 116 @tombolt – 109 @MyJobScope – 88 @willyf – 84 @laurenkgray – 72 @oppsproject – 68 @HeartofHR – 67 @onejillian – 66 […]

#MegaJobHuntChat live Blog 5

The Stats 2,727 tweets 254 contributors 30.0% come from “The Top 10” 50.6% are retweets 67.2% are mentions 21.3% have multiple hashtags The Top 10 Contributors HRMargo – 117 @CornOnTheJob – 114 @blogging4jobs – 97 @tombolt – 95 @MyJobScope – 75 @laurenkgray – 72 @bitty_boop – 64 @julia_prior – 62 @willyf – 61 @AnneMessenger – […]