#MegaJobhuntChat Live Blog Part 4

The Stats 2,301 tweets 233 contributors 29.5% come from “The Top 10” 50.3% are retweets 66.8% are mentions 21.0% have multiple hashtags The Top 10 CornOnTheJob – 104 @blogging4jobs – 90 @HRMargo – 88 @tombolt – 68 @MyJobScope – 61 @bitty_boop – 58 @laurenkgray – 58 @AnneMessenger – 53 @julia_prior – 51 @bizMebizgal – 48 […]

#Megajobhuntchat live blog Part 3

The Stats So Far 1,482 tweets 173 contributors 33.0% come from “The Top 10” 50.0% are retweets 66.1% are mentions 21.0% have multiple hashtags The Top 10 @CornOnTheJob – 89 @blogging4jobs – 80 @HRMargo – 65 @bitty_boop – 48 @MyPath_MP – 47 @MyJobScope – 45 @bizMebizgal – 45 @julia_prior – 43 @AnneMessenger – 42 @tombolt […]

#megajobhuntchat live blog Part 2

The Stats 713 tweets 140 contributors 37.2% come from “The Top 10” 43.3% are retweets 64.9% are mentions 26.2% have multiple hashtags The Top 10 @CornOnTheJob – 67 @blogging4jobs – 41 @HRMargo – 32 @MyPath_MP – 25 @bizMebizgal – 20 @laurenkgray – 20 @julia_prior – 17 @BillBoorman – 15 @LevyRecruits – 14 @AnneMessenger – 14 […]

The 100’th Post with thanks to #blogchat

This is my 100’th post on this blog. The first was posted on 25th october 2009, a few days over a year ago.  What started out as a two month project to promote the first #trulondon, has grown in to something much bigger. Who would have thought it? Having stuck with it for just over […]

@TheHRD Unmasked? A Bigger Mystery Than The Loch Ness Monster

In recognition of “International talk like a pirate day”, I’m going to do a different type of post. It’s also a Sunday and you need something different. Normal service will be resumed on monday with a business post announcing the Blog Squad. Theres a big question going around that is causing debate throughout the Pubs […]

Take a look at the Twintettes

A new blog was launched this week, The Twintettes, and it makes me feel like a proud Dad. The reason for this feeling, is that this is the latest offering from 2 interns I mentor and manage, that have been implementing social recruiting for Jack Barton’s Oyster and Ocean Partnership, as well as JobshopHQ. They have […]

Candidate Commercials on YouTube #socialrecruiting

Today I’m giving over this blog to promoting a candidate commercial from YouTube for super sourcer Marie Journey. I was planning to write a post on how candidates can use the channel to promote themselves in the job hunt on my sister blog, Social Job Search. I’m not a fan of the video resume for […]

What I’m Learning From #Blogchat

Most Sundays I join in with #blogchat. If you’re in my twitter stream, it goes out at 2.00a.m. and although it’s scheduled for an hour, can go on from anything up to 2 hours more. Despite the time, I feel as if I’ve been to blogging college, and hope it is reflected in my blogs. […]