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A Message To The Media: More Of These Celebrities Please

I got this update on Facebook from FitFarmsClub.  I liked it a lot, and so did plenty of my connections. The message is clear, and I thought it a good one to share on a Saturday. Have a great weekend, Bill

Use your social skills for good with the Child Bereavement Charity. (Job)

I’m not in the habit of posting jobs on the blog, but i thought this one was worth sharing. There is tremendous potential for worthwhile causes who use social to spread their message. If it is interesting to you please apply directly. Hat tip to Alex Strang for spreading the word. Please share the link […]

Sod Recruiting, It’s The Olympics

Never mind G4S, security shortages, we can rely on the army, brand wars, commercialisation. The trains will run, the people will come from around the world and enjoy our great city. Just a stones throw from Norton Folgate, there will be victories and disappointments and surprise defeats and astonishing golds. .Mostly I’m looking forward to […]

To @IOR. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Today has been an interesting day in twitter to say the least, with a few lessons that might be worth taking note of. You can draw your own conclusions. I got a few messages this morning asking for my opinion on a Facebook page that was raising a few eyebrows. The page was set up […]

Being A Recruiter

It’s 2 sleeps till #truParis and only 2 weeks away from #TruLondon, and this week I’m preparing to go live on a big social recruiting implementation. It’s fairly crazy times, but there’s nothing new in that in Boorman world. This morning I completed a screen test for a series of programs on recruiting with a […]

2011: A Shit Year

End of the year, new years eve, and the end of 2011. At our last event of the year at #truDublin, we were discussing the year ahead, and the many challenges 2012 might bring, particularly in the Eurozone.It was getting a bit downbeat as you might imagine, but then someone said something that really resonated […]

truDublin Predictions for 2012

What’s the future of Recruitment? Here’s what the attendees at truDublin think will be the next big thing in recruitment in 2012.

True Brit!Operation Cup Of Tea

I know it’s off the recruiting them, but I love this message and it’s very British.I have donated!Please support this by doing a very British thing wherever you are, having a cup of Tea.Friends in Boston especially welcome! This young guy is brilliant and captures the realmood of the people! Last riot blog I promise. […]

R.I.P. Steve Newson:Missing From The Stream

I was sorry to hear the news yesterday of the untimely passing of Steve Newson. I met Steve a few times after he attended #trulondon last year, and set up a local tweetup to discuss what we got out of the event. Only 5 of us attended but we had a great night with some […]

My 2010

This year has been full of: Thanks for sharing the ride! you’re all ambassadors. See you at #trulondon, in person or on-line. Bill