Light Bulb Moments From New Orleans #LASHRM

It’s been a few weeks now since I got back from #LASHRM in New Orleans. I have something I always do a few weeks after an event. I take some blank sheets of paper and I write down a few statements and words under 3 headings: > What do I remember? What were the light […]

Cool Social Recruiting Tools With @Fishdogs #LASHRM

At Louisiana SHRM I got the privilege of presenting again with my friend Craig Fisher, better known as @Fishdogs. It is a bit of a geek fest when I get together with Craig. We are always looking at the latest apps that come out, and trying to hack them for recruiting purposes. With 100’s of […]

The Next Level with @ScottEblin (Liveblog) #LASHRM

Scott Eblin is delivering the closing key-note to an excellent Louisiana SHRM. Scott speaks about the behaviors leaders need to adopt or ditch in order to move to the next level in their careers. He begins by talking about how the expectation of results have never been greater. He quotes Einstein: “the definition of insanity […]

On the couch with Dr.Dan (live blog) #LASHRM

Dr. Daniel Crosby is among other things a behavioural psychologist who specialises in change. He is currently working with the U.S. Olympic tea on behaviours and winning pschology. He is a top line speaker. Daniel runs the incblot organisation. I love his approach to translating science to mortals like me. Dan is talking about change. […]