#trulondon thought number 1; Lazy Recruiters!

It has been 48 hours since #truLondon and we covered a lot of content. Over the next 5 days I will be sharing a daily thought from #trulondon. Something that stood out for me or made me think, and there was plenty of things that stood out in the memory bank. I’m going to kick […]

Facebook, Twitter and Blackberry Messenger used to summon mobs (the headline you won’t read!)

It has now been proven that social media channels, particularly twitter, Facebook and Blackberry messenger has been used to spread messages summoning mobs to hot spots around England. Some of these mobs included youths, some even wearing hoods. Facebook groups and hashtags have sprung up across all these social channels encouraging these mobs, fully tooled […]

Sunday Funny: What LinkedIn Really Said To Monster. #BeKnown

Inspired by a tweet from Jamie Leonard, is this the real conversation that went on between Monster and LinkedIn when they closed the API on Monster product BeKnown. What do you think about it all? Bill

LinkedIn Recommendations Or LinkedIn Lies?

O.K, hands up if you look at recommendations on LinkedIn for anything other than leads on competitors profiles? despite what I constantly hear of the value of recommendations.  I view them as pretty worthless. If a profile has 100’s of them, I value them even less. The recommendation system has been much abused and carry […]

The Twitter Assassins

My hope for the New year is that people learn to play nicely in the sand pit. for the most part, I love spending time in the twitter channel, more so than any of the other channels. In twitter I do most of my business introductions, learning, social chat, mutual helping and sharing and make […]

When did sales become a dirty word?

Recruiting is a sales business. Any business that survives on revenue generation by making sales has to be geared to the practice of  selling. I’ve read a lot recently how selling and cold calling has had its day and is not wanted by potential clients. I don’t hold by this view. We sell mostly on […]