LinkedIn Recommendations Or LinkedIn Lies?

O.K, hands up if you look at recommendations on LinkedIn for anything other than leads on competitors profiles? despite what I constantly hear of the value of recommendations.  I view them as pretty worthless. If a profile has 100’s of them, I value them even less. The recommendation system has been much abused and carry […]

The Twitter Assassins

My hope for the New year is that people learn to play nicely in the sand pit. for the most part, I love spending time in the twitter channel, more so than any of the other channels. In twitter I do most of my business introductions, learning, social chat, mutual helping and sharing and make […]

When did sales become a dirty word?

Recruiting is a sales business. Any business that survives on revenue generation by making sales has to be geared to the practice of  selling. I’ve read a lot recently how selling and cold calling has had its day and is not wanted by potential clients. I don’t hold by this view. We sell mostly on […]

Chilly reception from Employers

Large parts of the UK are severely effected by snow at the moment. It is pretty clear that the transport agency just weren’t prepared for the level of snow. (friends in Canada must be laughing at our definition of snow!). Many of the major roads are closed and blocked by abandoned vehicles. Trains are being […]

World of Conversation (or not!)

  Just a quick thought. I’ve been at the Social Recruiting Conference in London today. It was a great conference with some very good speakers (and me.) The thing that struck me at close of play was that with all the talk of engagement and conversation, the Corporate Recruiters and Talent Sourcers operate mostly in […]

We Exploit Vulnerable And Desperate Job Seekers

  A bit of a sensational headline, but what damage would it do to your employer brand? How about if the headline read:   We only care about you if we want you. Don’t bother contacting us if we don’t contact you. We aren’t interested in you. Or how about: We don’t care if you […]

Dump your followers!

This post was prompted by a conversation I had in the #MMChat on twitter, that takes place Monday nights. We got a little hung up on the whole “engagement” thing. I get tired of being told that: “It’s all about the engagement”, “It’s all about the conversation.” Time for a reality check. A minimum of […]

We don’t need #Recruitfest

    I was commenting on Charlie Judy’s excellent post, “The Recruitfest Drive By Shooting” when I got the urge to write this post. The over-riding message I took from the 9 hours of Recruitfest streaming, and I watched it all, was that Recruiters and HR need to brush up on candidate care, and give […]

Social media checking goes very Big Brother!

Unusually, this is the second post of the day. I’m writing this post because I picked up on a service being introduced by a company called Social Intelligence. The original post that alerted me to this was in ERE, and was written by Todd Raphael. Thanks to them for keeping us informed. The concept of […]